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A desire that must be adjusted to ability, but supported by confidence and work.

Updated: Mar 29

The delaying attitude of delay in thinking about finding a decision-making point is a form of waste of time. Although many opinions say it is good to avoid the hasty attitude of making decisions and mistakes that can be detrimental.

We understand that in the face of an emergency, time to provide adequate life supply is a necessary action so as not to get caught up in the strings of problems that will occur to the structure of the needs of the community. The lack of food supply can cause health growth issues to be disrupted. It will have a direct impact on the production capabilities of the work. The price of food needs to increase. It also makes room for us to be forced to import food while the ability to buy is less and less with demand rivals.

Therefore, the role of the Agriculture Sector to provide adequate food stock is a necessary and urgent action to be taken.

However, it would be better if, in addition to being able to provide adequate food supply, the agriculture sector can provide the option of making the agricultural sector have additional options in enhancing the capabilities of the socio-economic sector more suitable for implementation.

Hence the adequate daily supply of necessities must also provide a long-term program to make our society have the ability of 'energy', the ability of power to have based on the appropriate value of savings on a long-term basis.

Spice is one of the sources of agricultural activities that are seen as appropriate, as in addition to being a necessary source of aroma and taste of food, it can be a source of export income, based on the geographical background of agriculture, helping the farming community to obtain a long-term and consistent source of economic support. Spice Plants are able to last a long time, are not easy to expire, are in high demand, are consistent in terms of value, and have stable price value with the need for health support as well as medical and development to various socio-economic sectors of society and the country.

Understanding this aspect, there will be times when we should dare to take a slightly different decision to raise awareness of taking the appropriate options to see the other side of the news that is able to benefit appropriately from the thoughtful results of the research after various studies.

In this slightly different decision, it should also be sufficiently prepared to face all forms of challenges and be able to provide a variety of solutions for all possibilities, such as the acceptance of society, the lack of skilled manpower, the study of geographical suitability, the challenges of time, the volume of production, the workers and the opposite views and attitudes and assumptions of choice.

The most important thing is to keep the power of decisions in place with a solid foundation, not easy to collapse and change.

When Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest ( GBISF) set the decision to implement the program, among the basic levels was to examine the possibility of failing. By the failed analogy, GBISF is always looking for a rigor that needs to be overhauled, raised level, discarded, and added all that is appropriate.

The Rejection and Commentary attitude are among the important points that are input to be well highlighted and appreciated, as the best success should be test-resistant and have to go through appropriate and certified tests.

This spice cultivation program, its new nature is to start again. Thus, based on society, the community has already understood the material to be worked on by the nature of the spice needs that have always been in the daily life of the society which has partly belonged to history.

Therefore, the efforts of this program are not something alien to society. The community is well acquainted with the need for spices, areas of use, goodness, needs, and beneficial effects on human life. The impact of economic returns, the impact of environmental benefits, the time frame, market value, consumer demand, and the expansion of consumerism can be obtained correctly, and proven over a long period, and evidenced from history.

We as policy guides and efforts to mobilize the community in this spice cultivation program must be more rational, and strong to give confidence from the knowledge we have understood and the experience we have.

Preparation is to collect all data and facts from research procurement, input, and experience to be channeled to continuous target clusters through level preparation.

We should not be afraid to face criticism, to correct shortcomings. Nor can we be in a hurry to be confident to be immediately judged on success.

The program will run on time, evolving to increase the daily needs of the community's life without borders.

Success is how a guided society can accept properly and can be certified from the results of the efforts that have been initiated. We need a certain period with a challenging start, feeling the positive changes that are moving and at some stage will achieve the status of returns from all aspects that are capable of benefiting.

The fundamental need is how we as the originators of ideas, researchers, and groups who have the necessary experience, use well and wisely all the available support resources and support that can be had from all the sources that we think are available and appropriate.

We must take an attitude that is always open, confident, and able to face all challenges, hard work and

high cooperation and good prayers.

If the need for rubber can change and there is a material wait, it is expected that the need for spices will continue to last as long as humans have a sense of taste, and a sense of smell, which is very sensitive to choice.

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