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Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest Program. ( GBISF).

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Proposed candlenut tree planting options are among the contents of this program. Candlenut trees with roots that grip the soil surface, along with the strength of its roots are able to contribute to the formation of cliffs and slopes of soil that are not easily eroded. Candlenut trees are also able to absorb water at a high rate. This allows water flow control to form naturally. The shell can also be used as quality-activated charcoal. Growing large and fertile over a period of time beyond generations can also maintain a clean, fresh and healthy environment. Candlenut trees with beneficial results from the economic aspect and environmental well-being are a good choice for long-term crops. We do not rule out different reasons and views on the appropriateness of this program. But we must openly look at the needs of this effort. Decreasing green environmental conditions, fragile cliff surfaces, uncontrolled water flow should be the basis of the need for the same we think. We may not be able to deny the need for deforestation for a thousand reasons. It is, therefore, better that we provide alternative sources of choice that may be able to reduce the impetus of deforestation. We know the demand for this candlenut is huge and good from an economic point of view. Thus shifting the direction more to something long-term and valuable needs for heritage and generations as well as universal needs.

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