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Beneficial Awareness

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

In the principle of economic activity, profit-making, and the risk of facing failure, are two forms of yield that will be obtained, especially agricultural entrepreneurs who are exposed to high risk of their efforts. However, profit is the result of a return that should be ensured. This is important, to ensure that the continuity of activities can be continued, supply can be provided, the needs of consumers can be met, the well-being of efforts can be enjoyed, the community gets job opportunities, the government can collect income tax, and the structure of the economic force moves, and expands to all related sectors consistently. The build-up of society, infrastructure, moving as needed. Therefore entrepreneurs and anyone who is going to enter the field of agriculture that directly makes it an economic activity will try their best not to, earn a failure, or loss in their endeavors. Profit turnover with a certain point to achieve is a guideline for the need for true achievement status requirements.

To ensure the achievement of procurement that has been used as a baseline of any form of effort, the involved will prepare various methods that can support, and drive the required level of achievement. We know that agricultural efforts are among the most challenging, and high-risk economic activities. The crop yields we hope for can simply fail to achieve the desired result, due to illness, technical errors, lack of input of experience, and knowledge, as well as violating the expected round of revenue collection. This is exacerbated by production rivals that lead to the dumping of yields, and subsequently the fall in prices. It is even worse when our agricultural produce is perishable, does not last long, and it costs a lot to overcome it.

Therefore punctuality, the correct use of techniques, choosing the appropriate fertilizers, disease control materials, and various requirements of agricultural equipment, labor management, area organizers, as well as proper advisory services are indispensable. Only this kind of thing, if not properly planned, can cause the cost of production to increase.

Therefore, agriculture is not a field of work that is accompanied by the concept of 'catch fit' only. Agriculture requires the principles of knowledge, willpower, capital, confidence, and wisdom as well as experience. Management also requires constant guidance. Entrepreneurs can choose correctly and meet the needs of all aspects of the value of the agricultural efforts carried out. We want the product we get from that agricultural effort to not only be able to fill the needs of consumers, but also be assured of quality, meet demand, and be known for being true.

We must be aware that when we enter agriculture as one of the endeavors, we have a responsibility not only for the human needs of consumers, and high profits, but also to have a quality conscience value, which involves, our environment, the life, and life that surrounds it.

Therefore, we should think clearly, when we have to choose to use all possible means to ensure the value of profit, whereas the adverse effects of life and life that surround it occur without being able to contain it. This can happen with a large amount of use of chemicals such as fertilizing, and disease control, without regulation

or lack of upbringing in regulation, and use.

For a certain period, it can have a detrimental effect on the environment, air, and water, also a direct impact on the user.

By this awareness, we should choose the type of agriculture that we can master the methods of agricultural management from the initial stage so that it succeeds with awareness and responsibility of conscience. We must be prepared to face risks, and it is best to be able to lower the level of risk, get out of the burden of risk with experience, and knowledge, and be wise in action while returning to the factors of conscience, and social responsibility that is closely related to agriculture.

There are many options and the best methods that we can learn and can take knowledge from the various information facilities available today. At this time, more and more we are seeing the desire of the consumer community and entrepreneurs to return to their natural value in carrying out quality farming efforts. The consumer community is also increasingly concerned and sensitive to the awareness of the environment as well as the impact of less responsible agricultural activities. More and more developed countries, such as Japan, prioritize 'nature quality, in their agricultural activities.

various methods and means used to safeguard their environment will have a 'direct impact on their agricultural activities. They try to keep the water, air, and soil surface cycles from the effects of long-term damage. They prioritize the use of organic fertilizers, reducing the spraying of insect-controlling materials by natural control methods through the method of selecting certain crops as fences of agricultural areas, such as fragrant lemongrass' to control insects. They also control the water cycle to ensure that only the treated water will release to the water flow areas, such as ditches and rivers.

However, for spice farming activities it is slightly different and unique. The spice tree that is the choice of this program is a type of spice that is semi-forest, capable of living decades, even hundreds of years, not requiring chemical fertilizers, fewer disease attacks, living in a fresh, clean, and healthy environment in the environment. The result of the collection is not perishable, seasonal collection, easy tree care, and disease control. The spice tree for this program uses only organic fertilizers, and 'sea water' for additional nutrition and strengthening trees.

This does not mean that this program reduces the need for any other form of agricultural activity that is essential for our daily living needs. This spice crop program was chosen because it is in line with the needs of the growth background, and is needed by users without limits and boundaries of life, in addition to assisting our environment with the principle of accepting and giving to the concept of mutual tolerance and high-quality tolerance with awareness of our environment. It may not be too big, and perfect, but the important thing is that we have and will begin our point of awareness and small responsibility from this point of understanding, and consciousness.

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