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At that value against the backdrop of a new program to get acquainted with, this effort will face many challenges.

Based on the research and socio-cultural studies of the community, GBISF will focus on introducing this program to households (in addition to maintaining the negative elements that can thwart this program and restrict assumptions and assumptions of poor health development in the community).

GBISF compiles by evaluating all aspects of the issue to ensure that the program is easily accepted, to the extent that it is expressed and implied, clearly the hope to be achieved, there is a perfect network, is manageable, and can be owned by all levels of society.

As an alternative economic source, allowing households to supplement their income in a way that does not provide a burden but has a good guarantee of return and is beneficial for all.

GBISF does not emphasize large sizes for each participant with a burdensome amount of capital to provide. GBISF is more of a desire to enable all groups to participate with a conscious ability. For example, each household can buy 10,20,30, and maybe 100 spice saplings to plant in a suitable place.

The selected spice tree is seen as suitable for planting around the garden and house.

The GBISF program will also provide ample space for interesting cooperatives.

Co-operatives with members can make spice planting efforts a long-term socio-economic driving force of members, by the life span of the spice tree growth.

GBISF will also make indigenous communities a target group. Indigenous communities can make the cultivation of spices a household crop of choice. We know that the indigenous community on average is still close to the countryside and has a close settlement space with the forest environment. GBISF will guide the indigenous community throughout Malaysia to grow spices and make it a FOREST WALL activity. For a more environmentally friendly green area to remain.

This will also help the indigenous community to increase the family's source of income with a conscious and non-burdensome ability.

GBISF will endeavor to continuously inform the various activities of the whole community about the spice cultivation program.

The cultivation of spices can be worked on by every member of the community with the strength of confidence that there will be no dumping and rejection and competition in the aspect of consumerism. Spices also have competitive strength in a wide range of products of use, without limits and boundaries.

The most basic thing to moving the GBISF program is to form a startup management system. This system will form a MAJOR TEAM AS A SOURCE OF DRIVING. This team will be formed through a source of energy that is selected according to the strength of desire to develop the implementation structure in stages.

To start this effort, GBISF has chosen Pahang and Kelantan as the main sites. This goal is in line with the state's strong desire in implementing agricultural efforts and the appropriateness of the background of the area with the nature of the growth of spice trees.

GBISF with various efforts has already held various meetings with the Kelantan state government (agricultural exco). to introduce this program. The Kelantan state government has received this program well.

Capital is the lifeblood of every effort. However, looking at the form of return as well as the impact that can be developed from the GBISF program, the issue of capital is not a major barrier. GBISF believes that the capital that needs to be a cost per household is affordable affordability with the principal price around RM.40.00 - 60.00 (by age appropriate) GBISF is also confident that it is not a decorative and lupus agricultural activity in the short term.

Spices are plants that can provide continuous returns over a long period and are beneficial to the environment.

However, we do not deny that there will be a consensus among the community about the production, and suitability of the land, as well as the market. The issue is a matter of 'standard' in implementing something new for society.

For this issue, GBISF is confident that the community will be able to accept the purpose of GBISF implementing this program. The community will gradually be able to understand that spices have their strengths and are unique in terms of demand and limitless markets. GBISF is also confident that the public will understand gradually that the spice has lupus resistance more than 1 year after harvesting, to store a conscious and convincing one. Even if it is stored for a long time, the spices will become more fragrant and attractive from all aspects of use. GbISF is therefore confident that this program will not put pressure on the community participating in the program.

GBISF has also developed a system of buybacks of agricultural produce regardless of the volume of production in an unlimited amount from the source of production of the spice grower community. GBISF will provide a centralized collection system and representatives from each district without the creation of a CENTRAL PERSON SYSTEM. GBISF will be a direct buyer to the producers of spice crops at prices that match the current market.

The most important thing in the implementation of this program is the support and support of all parties and community agencies to develop a strength of confidence.

GBISF together with the team will be looking for a source of "early-stage capital energy to strategize " ON THIS BASIS GBISF WILL GET SUPPORT FUNDS. " THIS SUPPORT FUND IS NEEDED TO DEVELOP A STRATEGIC CENTER FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE GBISF PROGRAM.

THIS STRATEGIC CENTRE WILL PROVIDE ANY FORM OF SYSTEM AND THE MAIN DRIVING FORCE OF THE PROGRAM. This involves the project's pilot sowing center. Preparation of seedlings. Preparation of a strategic arrangement system. Information resource center. Media energy preparation. Groups of information mobilizers to society. Research Centre. The center of the relationship between the program and the community. Technology Center related to spice cultivation efforts. Program reference center. Market information center. A network of NGOs that champion the world's greening efforts, and develop environmental well-being, which is clean, fresh, healthy, and beneficial.


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