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Develop agriculture at a conscious but beneficial rate.

Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest ( GBISF ) A conscious assessment of the goals that can be achieved from the socio-economic and well-being aspects of the environment that is indispensable to maintain the continuity of well-being for all.


PHASE 1 in the current 5 years 2022-2027. PHASE 2 2028-2038 and PHASE 3 IN the run-up to 2039-2060.

FASA1 is the implementation phase after a major step of collecting all data and facts from the source of field experience, meetings, and hands-on practical learning.

This step has been over a period of nearly 20 years. Practical experience and experience of being in the spice tree growth environment is the goal of the spice planting program.

During that period of time, GBISF has been touring and viewing and living a direct adaptation to the environment.

The GBISF program has also been working, managing, and adapting directly and continuously for almost 15 years.

The GBISF program has also conducted learning and work visits to India, Vietnam, as well as Indonesia.

How GBISF sees the needs and opportunities of those efforts.

Spices are a source of consumer needs in a variety of food aroma and taste needs.

In addition to spice, foods are used for the health and daily needs of the household. It has evolved over thousands of years and there has never been a replacement source. The interesting thing is that this spice is able to live to reproduce in certain terrestrial areas of the earth's surface, as well as in the circular areas of the equator and tropical regions. Spices become more attractive when they are used by almost 80% of consumers in the world's population.

Based on the affordability of our country's position as well as the need for affordable supply capacity it is an exciting effort to be developed, this spice crop also indirectly provides the best return effect for the well-being of the environment.

Whatever the question when we talk about the issue of venture development, it is definitely closely related to the elements of capital capacity, technology, and human resource capabilities.

Before we go any further in the effort to move the development of GBISF. We have to understand the baseline movement of this effort that does not set a specific space of time, but emphasizes that these efforts should move on without stopping in tandem with the ability of space and the ability to improve the quality of results in all related areas. Such as nutrition, education, economic production, tourism as well as various other developments in medicine, health food, and household needs.

To ensure that these efforts move according to the space affordability, socio-cultural status as well as confidence that GBISF needs to build a planting target on a total of 10 million trees consisting of the six types of spices of choice already mentioned. This base became PHASE 1 of the GBISF effort.

Phase 1 was developed to introduce GBISF program points as well as future returns.

10 million spice trees at a 60-70 percent yielding achievement will be able to produce 10 million x at an average rate of 10 kilograms per tree per year (dry) can produce in an expected 100,000 tones. Years. At as low as RM.10.00 per kg. It can provide a source of revenue worth RM. 1 BILLION. per year.

At that value against the backdrop of a new program to get acquainted with, this effort will face many challenges.

Based on the research and socio-cultural studies of the community, GBISF will focus on introducing this program to households (in addition to maintaining the negative elements that can thwart this program and restrict assumptions and assumptions of poor health development in the community).

GBISF compiles by evaluating all aspects of the issue to ensure that the program is easily accepted, to the extent that it is expressed and implied, clearly the hope to be achieved, there is a perfect network, is manageable, and can be owned by all levels of society.

As an alternative economic source, giving households the opportunity to supplement their income in a way that does not provide a burden but has a good guarantee of return and is beneficial for all.

GBISF does not emphasize large sizes with a hard amount of capital to provide. GBISF is more of a desire for all groups to join with a conscious ability. For example, each household can buy 10,20,30, and maybe 100 spice saplings, for planting in the garden and house environment.

This amount is more convenient for the community - to continue

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