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Environment-Friendly Attitude*

Updated: Feb 19

The fear of being educated according to the flow of power pressures that are superiorized by the basis of structured interests that become cultural can lead to results, and that seems true choice ends up on the collision of results that are out of the goal.

We do not deny the ability of thinkers, structures, and policy breakers from selected and properly selected sources. The argument of basic choices is when, the decisions and choices that result become the burden of inheritance that future generations are forced to bear.

The implementation of the agricultural policy of our country is sometimes confused - with the achievements obtained with the maximum result of work.

On the food import data, we see the cost rising to between 40-60 billion ringgit a year.

The estimated cost of imports of tea, cocoa, and spices alone in 2021 amounted to RM.8.8 billion.

To get quality food and provide food stock we have to import food from abroad. We also know that imported food is from the type of agricultural produce that is not suitable for cultivation in our country.

Therefore not importing food from the outside is not possible for us to do.

But we can reduce the import rate of agricultural produce that is capable of growing in our country.

In this effort, Green-Based Intelligent Spices Forest provides a program proposal to grow selected main spices as an alternative to reducing the import burden of spice ingredients such as ram decided to choose six types of spices to be developed consistently.

This program also takes the memory of awareness and the important actions that should be worked out in earnest to help with the awareness of keeping the environment fair and true.

This program also highlights how important it is to be supported and supported every effort that sets awareness of the environment that has been undertaken by various volunteers, organizations, and foundations of the world who are deeply concerned about our responsibility to leave the best legacy to our generation.

This program is confident that the ability of spice trees to live for more than one generation will help efforts to develop a clean fresh and healthy environment.

The program also believes that while we can restore part of our environmental space to its life cycle, IT CAN RESTORE THE CYCLE OF LIFE TO ITS LIVING SPACE.

We must view this effort positively, confidently, and patiently. We should know our environment has been directly neglected for decades. Our environment has suffered severe damage from our actions and actions. We see for ourselves the real impact we face every year and every time. We see the declining status of air pollution, uncertain weather, and increasingly hot space surfaces.

It is still not too late for us to improve our environmental space if we are truly conscious and want to take responsibility for our treatment.

At this effort, we will find a variety of attitudes of views of society and human beings. However, that is not a reason for us not to take responsibility for this realization.

The main thing is to consciously and understand to look at this effort honestly and morally.

This program takes responsibility for the awareness of how the efforts developed can provide good returns across the socio-economic and environmental well-being.

The program takes the option of emphasizing responsibility for the environment as a responsibility for universal well-being. This program takes into account the realization that every one of us on earth is like a big family that needs help.

This program carries the principle that in this award-based space of life, we have a large family with no boundaries, culture, or religious holdings.

We need water to drink. fresh air to breathe, beautiful space to enjoy, and food to share.

Based on that awareness, we don't need to be about prejudice and narrow judgments and mind-boggling judgments.

We're doing the best that's the best thing our families do on the other side of the world, we're doing the best for our community family groups in that part of the world that is disadvantaged and underprivileged.

We plant a spice tree to share the benefits of each life and the life that follows it.

We are kind to any conjecture - we absorb as much as possible whatever the burden of contradiction understanding while continuing to do our best for all.

We feel what they feel, we enjoy happiness and boundless well-being. We absorb and subvert all pride, self-interest, mind, and lack of morals.

We enjoy all the beneficial happiness together, wise and true.

This attitude forms the basis of the appropriate effort of awareness that is very much wanted to be developed in every effort that is carried out consistently and continuously.

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