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Facts About the Cultivation of Six Selected Types of Spices.

Should we think clearly about the proposed program, Green Based Intelligent Spices forest is an effort to provide long-term income support to small farmers and households who don't have room for the kind of enterprising farming.

We will not rule out the need to work on agriculture that can provide short-term support and support to farmers, support the form of agriculture that immediately gets produce, is the main concern of the Programme Manager. However, we should be open to looking at other possibilities that could have a major impact in the long term at least over some time, a generation or two. The program, which can impact returns both to farmers and households with a form of effort at the stress of conscious work, is not burdensome. The most important thing for the production of spices is the constant demand for a good price. Spices with a defensive ability to be stored over a long period beyond the expectation of two years will reduce the burden of the mind on farmers. The best thing about the spice cultivation program is, it's easy for sixty percent of consumers to eat food flavors and a variety of household needs. Spice will not face pressure in terms of price and demand. Honestly, this is what farmers need in their farming business.

To be honest, we should be aware and aware of the problem of household farmers' products that have to deal with price and market issues.

In the implementation of a program we should provide accurate information to farmers to work on a particular type of agriculture, that is an important asset of a program that has certain credibility to achieve the quality of the facts, so that the promise of achievement, math at of yield, useful returns is enjoyed fairly. Where is the program to go? the extent to which the truth of the facts and the data we obtain will give a true picture of the desire to be achieved. Is it true that the results of the effort will be achieved according to the program's address? Is the result of the efforts of the farmer well obtained? Are we able to solve the clash of market issues, demand and supply, product prices, and real volume into demand?

We do not measure and question all forms of agriculture, and the achievement of the direction as a whole of agricultural efforts. But should we understand Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest is designed and developed with a clear desire to "help add small farmers' income and household income to anyone who wants and has the space to plant ten or twenty true spice trees, capable of helping?

The question of time frame is a subjective question that if viewed fairly is not a critical question that will have the effect of failing in the pursuit of success to help farmers. We have to remember that a new product that we want to introduce, will clearly go through a phased status to reach the address. It will go through the space of giving confidence, the fact of results, the fact of confidence, the fact of social space, and the culture of a consumer community. If thought consciously it will also go through a long-term process to be accepted. It is not easy for us to state that short-term agricultural produce related to the status of household uses related to health, nutrition, and dietary supplements can be easily tolerated. But we do not rule out the needs of consumers who have cultured their use by the status of cultural background, and space. This is in contrast to the spices that have been accepted since time immemorial, on the space of cultural boundaries and the boundless need for borders.

Spice has been received according to its uniqueness.

Such a fact will give a good return on effort and be easy on the affairs of the veil and the work of managers and farmers.

The best thing indirectly from this effort is the impact of returning to a more prosperous environment. There is no use of chemicals, more environmentally friendly, and fully useful on the concept of "zero waste". The tree's dense groves, green, fresh, and adaptable to the environment are incremental to help restore the well-being of our environment.

This effort does not target small groups to develop, but it will target at least one million households across the country. This effort will target a production value of 100 thousand to 150 thousand tonnes of spice production per year, with an expected production of 3-5 billion ringgit. This effort can give a return of between 15 - 25 thousand ringgit of household dollars for the total crop between 40 trees - 80 spice trees yearly. The care process and the conscious management of produce and storage of produce will not burden farmers and households. The program has also structured the collection and management structure of the produce at the stage of export preparation in an orderly and certified manner through various hands-on experiences from the spice-producing countries.

Seeing things consciously with various values according to the standard standards of knowledge according to the background is a diverse basic right with a policy pattern that is considered appropriate and should be maintained by the results of the certified and certified decision.

However, changing the mindset to be renewed, improved, added, become more valuable and adaptable without leaving the basic needs will be able to improve the quality of the effort better and become more useful for us, our generation, our environment, and all the elements of good for humanity without limits.

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