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The Key Requirement Factors of the Target Group For Program implementation.

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest, Among the Key Requirement Factors of the Program Implementation Method.

It's not easy to inspire something we think is best for the target group. Every reason should be accompanied by evidence, such as if we state spices can thrive, the fertility form factor we can afford is the same as, the spice plants described by major spice-producing countries such as Indonesia. Because we understand that the area of spice crops in Indonesia is mostly planted on high ground, such as the circle of the Bukit Barisan range in Sumatra which is flat with a height of more than 1500 feet above sea level. At that height, the area is quite cold, fresh, and has enough water.

Therefore, when giving the reason that the spice crop can thrive in Malaysia, Confusion will occur to the target group in the absence of experience background and different height positions with the main spice producing countries. Therefore, the information that needs to be conveyed must be stated along with the reason for the strong evidence in terms of logic and science. We should provide information and exposure to the various preparations necessary to strengthen the reason, the affordability of spice trees growing in Malaysia. Because the main basis of the growth is in high-conscious areas ( marginalized evidence ) the roots are not submerged in water, and the environment is freshly cold and clean. The target group should know that such a fresh green and cold environment can occur when a spice tree has grown infertile in its cycle. Therefore information should be communicated adequately to convince the target group. All these explanations need to be presented patiently and gradually.

The first important stage is from the 3rd to the 5th year stage because this time is the time when the spice tree begins to produce results.

Because we need to understand that our ability is a mile of space that is within and accumulated within the limits of the knowledge we have. New inspiration for an idea is often alien to the target group such as the cultivation of spices and their production. Although we and they know spices are an inseparable source of consumerism in the cultural and life background. but spices are obtained through purchases from suppliers, also on market. Therefore spices do not need to be looked at from different angles. Therefore when it comes to introducing spice as a source that can bring about major changes in the economic sector, it will be a foreign source that will be seen with prejudice factor. Therefore the best thing is to prepare for all possible levels necessary, to be able to be certified by the target group.

If we think about how to win the certification of capabilities we are prepared to be shared by the target group. We must have enough evidence tools, examples, and anything related to be the driving force of the target group's confidence.

It is only just that we take care of the senseivity of all parties and there is no need to overdo it in trying to discredit by presenting facts and data that are not carefully managed and offend certain parties, especially the world's major spice-producing countries. This effort is carried out not based on expressing our best, but rather on the effort to share the sustenance, achieving the best goals for the general well-being of all parties. This effort is also to achieve awareness of desire, making it part of the effort to green the room, give the best return to the green environment, and love freshness to make the most of life without boundaries.

The most important thing that we must also understand is, that we are dealing with all the capabilities that exist from all sorts of backgrounds of thought, living cultures, spaces of view, knowledgeability, and diverse opinions with the freedom of the right to be allowed to channel all ideas and suggestions according to their methods.

Therefore, the best way is to provide a wide range of space for them to interact, argue, and express all their knowledge, and we should maturely and openly become sensitive and attentive listeners to them. This space will not directly build bridges capable of mutual cohesion, receiving feedback, responding, and adding and increasing the inputs and suggestions needed to improve existing information. It will indirectly enhance the relationship between the unity of reason and knowledge.

Therefore, the goals we want to convey to the target group will be able to build gradually without the pressure of the load on both sides.

The effort to develop an inspiration will not go according to the space of time like the itinerary from point to point. It's a continuous and continuous journey plan, from generation to generation. It will continue to be implemented into the heritage and socio-cultural role model of life. Therefore when there has been a unity of common sense and knowledge to carry out this effort, it will be implemented without pressure and coercion.

This effort will be supported and always established leadership and guidance as the basis of educating, introducing, and instilling confidence in the early target group. This sensitivity and concern are necessary because it is still in the early stages of the implementation of being born, It is a newborn from the womb that requires all the attention and responsibility.

Programs should always keep this effort in earnest displaying the positivity of direction. Showing simple concepts, not burdensome, no pressure on management and capital aspects.

The program does not deny that there will be clashes and obstacles, there will be misunderstandings as well as elements of the speech, but it should be dealt with wisdom with adequate preparation.

The program should always understand the target group that any clash of effects of this program will be easily passed if there is a positive method and clarity of the goals of the program that can be accounted for by the leadership and all agencies involved directly or indirectly.

This program will not negate the needs of the economy, the importance of profit, as well as the impact on the positivity of socio-cultural methods in the long term.

Therefore, in addition to socio-economic goals, the program should also provide a clear method of providing clear input to the target group and all agencies involved, so that there is appropriate awareness to support this program in all aspects of the need.

The concept of a monopoly does not constitute a significant destination in the implementation of this program.

However, to maintain quality at the initial stage of program implementation, it needs to be managed with a controlled union to be reduced waste of revenue, energy, capital, and time.

Quality social returns will always be a key principle and awareness in the implementation of this program.

The program is triggered based on the need for the socio-economic improvement of households by providing appropriate proposals to take advantage of the waste of space, based on each excavator the space becomes valuable for all if we have an appropriate idea and do not burden the target group. The program also wants to reduce the concept of talking about issues that are seen as problematic without verifiable results.

The program will also produce waste if there is no awareness and understanding that can be certified for its quality.

Talking about a long journey that has been on the run for hundreds of years, would not be perfect in a short space of time and a small space like this. However, a step must begin with the first step, before stepping over long distances and long journeys.

It must be that it may not be in space and the run when we succeed, but history will acknowledge it. Future generations will be willing to take responsibility for maintaining the continuity of the program.

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