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GREEN-BASED INTELLIGENT SPICES FOREST ( GBISF ) - Management System for implementation.

The Management System of a program is an important agenda in the program. The management system should have an identity of principles that will determine the implementation of a program to achieve the goal or vice versa.

In this regard, GBISF uses a centralized management system.

This method is taken as the comprehensive spice cultivation program is a new program to encourage the cultivation of spices for the community.

This centralized management system is developed to maintain, manage, inform, receive feedback and overcome any problems on an ongoing basis without going through third parties. This system can also create uniformity of principles and any methods in the form of data and facts directly to society.

The system will also be able to gather all inputs from the community involved to ensure that the system can always be improved quality from all relevant aspects. It should be understood that not everything we think is complete and perfect it is from our system. It should also be noted that the data and facts of the input we get come from various circles that may have knowledge and experience that we have never encountered. From the source of the data and the fact of the input, we will generate, we are careful and we refine it to be a source of improvement from the existing source. It will be able to be done quickly and beneficially.

The centralized management system will use the COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM, computer setting programs, and the existing advanced applications many developed by program specialists.

We are confident that this method will facilitate all matters related to the implementation of the development of the GBISF program.

Since this program is an agricultural effort for the community, we do not want the community to be left behind or feel left with the burden of all the prayers when they have been convinced and eager to participate in the spice cultivation program. We do not want participants to feel lost in a place of dependency or a place to complain and solve any questions that may occur. We have to make these participants as biological children who always receive attention and guidance no matter where they are.

The GBISF management system will always be on its network 24 hours without stopping ( online ). We will develop all the sections, such as tree growth problems, planting methods that are in line with the program policy, questions that will be answered automatically, online service management, bilateral relations, a conventional financial system, regular appointments, and up-to-date information via media, connected social applications, online research site visits, live streaming, revenue management, purchases and payments, product improvement, description and description, latest participant reports, direct contact with all government agencies or who can also parties involved with the implementation of the program, implementation of events and any related will be provided.

The management system will constantly learn, improve, and improve the best management methods. The management system will always use communication with all interested parties or anyone who wants to help this effort through limitless communication and space boundaries. It should be understood that the result of these efforts will enter the export management space out of the country. It should also be understood that indirectly the effort of this program is an effort to help create the well-being of the environment. It should be understood that the responsibility for the environment for a life that is on terrestrial land around the equator line is enormous.

This centralized management system is expected to be able to efficiently control the principles of work, the principle of responsibility, and the principle of one-way and bilateral relations.

This principle of centralized management can also develop a high sense of responsibility for the implementation of the program. The system will also be able to increase the confidence of the participants in every reality presented to the participants, with the principle that everything we implement is a promise that must be carried and fulfilled not only to be enjoyed by us but will continue to be enjoyed by generations on an ongoing basis and all that is, directly and indirectly, related to the program.

It should be noted that the cultivation of spices developed by this program will not only move and benefit flavors and aromas for food only but will also grow for other sectors such as Education, tourism, charity, medicine, and product development for a variety of uses.

Therefore, the management system to implement this program is an important responsibility and should be a priority to be programmed to be developed with the best management methods.

To achieve the best status we must be prepared to accept any form of recommendation and criticism as a challenge to further enhance the management and production capabilities of the product.

There must be courage and mental and physical strength to face all challenges. There must be a 'resistance to bunting' principle but on a wise decision, and always continuously improving knowledge to build the core of the management structure of this program, and the best thing about the centralized management system is that we can develop all networks into a strong family, that will take care of each other and encourage and saves for all parties involved with this.

On that principle, we will develop this management system with the support of skilled resources, experts and professionals, together with selected technologies and applications. In the implementation of this program we can not think briefly, interested in an irrelevant self,


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