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We understand that the desire to re-establish the environment better is the desire of all of us, especially the green environment, the naturally healthy soil surface, fresh and clean air, and uncontaminated water. All know that the state of our environment is worsening due to the lack of a thorough awareness of every human environment.

However, we understand and admire the people and countries who can manage their environment in an orderly manner. They have been applying mindfulness from the very beginning. With this awareness, they can maintain their environment perfectly with a good and rewarding return on life.

How is this our environment? Why is there a problem with our environment? Something that is human using space to develop populated settlement areas, municipal centers, agricultural areas, and various infrastructure needs, especially those related to economic needs.

When a country with an administrative environment is poorly organized, due to the ability of skilled resources, economic problems, unity of thought, and culture, environmental issues become less properly and appropriately addressed. This is due to economic pressures and burdens, poverty, political problems, and government management. This makes it impossible for people and governments to have a chance to think about the environmental impact. Their efforts and actions on environmental issues are not major issues. Finally, the environment will carry all the burdens of trouble continuously and continue to worsen with the attitude of a few human beings who are more caring for their interests without awareness and responsibility towards the environment. They are not ashamed to deplete the forest for logging purposes, developing agricultural areas at will with a certain area only for self-interest.

Such groups are not interested in talking wisely and are concerned about environmental issues, they are not concerned about river pollution, the issue of the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and insects. They are not concerned about settlement development arrangements, infrastructure, and environmental restoration efforts. The life of their environment became an area of excretion and was plagued by various social problems and diseases. It's a shame, they may never be interested in knowing about, water pollution, wildlife, and the well-being cycle of their living environment, which they are the ones who every day think of living a life without a conscience. They enjoy living greedily and arrogantly. From their depraved behavior with the ability of economic status, they can take all the opportunities in the country of the poor, oppressive country, exploit human energy and do as they please to condemn what is on the ground, suck up what is on the earth, do whatever they want.

The earth's conditions are now getting worse with their treatment. The green environment is dwindling, the weather is not able to compensate for this irresponsible treatment of humans, is becoming worsening, the weather is high hot, the glaciers are melting fast, and the sea level is rising to cause more and more seaside areas to sink.

How do we respond to these issues and problems? Are we just sitting in the audience, while busy pointing around, blaming all the questions, until the speech room and the word are exhausted? While those who are irresponsible smile and laugh at the sight of us losing our way. We're just capable of seeing them throw their abilities a little bit here for a group of green space fighters who are slumped, give promise to society, and develop corrupt institutions of their ability while making statements and hype about their false accountability.

For me, we don't have to waste time, wasting brains thinking about their behavior. It's an unwise act while showing off our grievances.

We acknowledge that many organizations have been developed to help restore a prosperous environment with full awareness. Meraka strives to guide the world community, create awareness, and organize programs to restore all the well-being of the environment for the needs of life and life.

However, the best thing for each of us is to inculcate awareness and confidence and get a rewarding return. Every one of us as members of society should immediately think in this direction. We want this effort not to be the responsibility of the establishment and the movement of a particular group, we want this effort to be done with full awareness by every member of the community, who has the space to be rehabilitated, and improved by various methods that may be slightly different, but in line with the steps of curiosity and hope of creating a prosperous environment, on the same path. We must be confident that we can re-present a more prosperous, clean, green, fresh, and healthy environment for the benefit of life and life. The realization of conscience should be done regardless of which world we are in and out of which world we are and they are in. We must be aware that the good deeds for them will come back to us.

We want our water resources to go through a natural cycle that is guaranteed to be clean. We want to breathe from a source of fresh and healthy air through a cycle that has been arranged from all awards.

For that, we have to do whatever we can with full awareness of conscience, without thinking too much about who works more or less than all effort. We do it according to our environment and capabilities.

It doesn't matter if we've been trying to be part of the lungs of the world for the peace of life of our friends and brothers, wherever they are.

However, what is not denied is our need for the well-being of our family and every member of our society. These efforts will be even more beneficial if the environmental and environmental awareness program, we develop together with the opportunity to enjoy a conscious but sustainable economic return.

We need a form of agriculture with tree planting that has a long shelf life and can be a forest fortress for our well-being. A tree capable of adapting to the environment and providing well-being to all, while providing a return on economic resources from generation to generation.

We want every member of the community who has the right space to participate in this program, to express as part their concern for their environment and all who have the right to enjoy it.

Based on this research and awareness, the Green Based Intelligent SpiceS Forest ( GBISF) Program has been thought out, designed, researched, simplified, and considered capable of being part of the source of the implementation of our responsibilities towards our environment.

We know and prove that spice trees can thrive and last for hundreds of years like those found in Indonesia. We know that the spice tree can adapt to make the environment cycle more hospitable to the fresh, green, clean and healthy, and prosperous environment. We also know the need for spices to be the source of the needs of the world's inhabitants and consumers without space limits and time boundaries.

We also know that spices have a stable value on demand and market prices. Therefore this program coincides and should be implemented in our environment. It also benefits the well-being of the income sources of our ecological communities. This program is considered appropriate and capable of providing well-being to our environment and our economy. So why do we waste the space that is appropriate for our environment? being on a conscious outpouring we are capable of, and understanding our purpose.

Sometimes we should be more equitable, as well as wise researchers and assessors. In many matters, wisdom and knowledge should be the basis of our thinking.

We do good for our environment. We restore our wasteful, wasteful environment. We prosper in our lives, and then we restore the responsibility of our fellow citizens, without the boundaries of space and time for our generations.

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