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Greening the Equator line for the Well-being of the World Environment.

Updated: Jan 7

This is one of our best efforts to pass on to our generation.

It must be that some of us have this responsibility, and the eight billion people who inhabit the earth are aware of the need for this hope. We should recognize that green spaces capable of growing on the mainland of the equator line are a well-arranged gift for us and our generation.

The awareness of the need for us to jointly realize to control, maintain, repair, and increase the number of trees, and green spaces on the equator line is a important necessary responsibility for the well-being of our lives, and our generation. We are aware of and know how our environment is increasingly threatened by various less moral activities, a handful of our society based on self-interest.

They shamelessly cripple that their actions are by the rights and powers that are in their hands, without them wanting to know, or realizing that what they are doing is above common rights, from trusts and awards for the well-being of universal human life, and other beings.

The lack of morals in their clusters has caused the green environment to be damaged, and rightfully neglected, especially the forest-side communities such as the indigenous community.

We fully understand the need for various development structures for settlement needs, the provision of agricultural space, as well as various infrastructures for well-being. What bothers us is when the extension of the opening of the green forest area is done without a well-regulated responsibility. The worst thing is when the work is done based on not for mutual well-being.

Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest took the initiative to plan recovery efforts and improve evenly against these fresh, healthy green spaces by putting together a selective spice planting program.

Although it is still too early to make a statement this is the best effort, at least it will be one of the measures that can last up to several generations if it is worked out from this point, especially for our country.

This effort will focus on planting spice trees for every member of the community from the household. This program will organize organized, gradual and continuous planning by instilling high awareness in the community to understand the importance of a green, fresh and clean environment.

The program will also focus on efforts to provide the best return to the long-term planting of the spice tree.

We and the world community understand how important the terrestrial area of the equator line is to our lives. We also know that the terrestrial area of the equator line is an important source for us to breathe, and live well.

Can we imagine if the terrestrial area of the equator was destroyed, and became a rocky, arid area? The earth's surface will heat up, food decreases, our respiratory resources are dirty, river water, and lakes are polluted, and water is dead including on the surface of water and soil, the surface of Antarctica and the Arctic melts, and part of the chain of life around us dies, and drastically reduced. The world can be destroyed by the attitude of hand-to-hand deeds, and our common sense.

We are unlikely to want to be grouped into such less moral groups. Therefore, it must always be that we understand honestly, and responsibly how important it is that we keep the land together in this equator line. Its greenery should always be controlled, managed, and repaired regularly and continuously.

It should be noted that if it is decided to plant full of six types of spices of choice, with a rate of thirty percent on the equator it still does not interfere with the aspect of economic return, as we already know that spices are a household requirement without borders.

Therefore the effort to green the land in the equator line by involving all communities and the country should not be a comedy and vulgar plan on our wishes.

There should be a strong union, for every consciousness that exists. There must be a good quality of planning, and be able to have a variety of beneficial effects on the efforts of the community.

There must be a balance of support with awareness from all sides as well as every member of the community, that this effort is not just an empty wish, with a waste of energy and cost. Each of us must take the initiative to make contributions and support without boundaries. Equators and their contents that can thrive, fresh and green are our common ground. If there is a group of planners, thinkers, and entrepreneurs who are willing to inculcate the devotion of knowledge and energy, it is a gift and it is our responsibility of us to provide some of our abilities so that the endeavor will survive, work and think for the well-being of all of us.

We should be aware that none of the few we want to understand, support this effort. It will end in destruction that is difficult to defend. The final impact of those effects will come to us, when we feel that our environment is becoming more destructive, dirty, and diseased, diminishing all life supplies to us. What legacy will we leave for our generation?

In an effort there is definitely a building structure of the program that will explain in detail a plan to assess the quality of the program from various aspects of the requirements to be implemented.

This programme is developed only to ensure that the well-being goals are implemented properly while benefiting all those involved directly or indirectly.

The programme is designed by taking a sample count to make room for the household community and every small group of farmers to take advantage of the ever-increasing needs of consumers.

It is not yet time for us to see that this effort will bring a sudden return to each participant to enjoy results, but it is clear that we know that this is the best effort we can make for the well-being of every household involved with a small and conscious start-up. The most important thing is to continue and maintain the confidence that it has a beneficial effect on global well-being.

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