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How to think through problems efficently

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Types of Cinnamon, cinnamon suitable for consumption. Types of cinnamon that are commonly grown in certain countries. such as in Ceylon, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and other countries at certain geographical positions. Actual demand, product processing. and product development for various needs. Expenditure period. Suitability in terms of cost and return. Certain effects on the environment as well as the use of technology are among the various issues that have always been an interesting topic and need to be noted. Yet on all lists of questions, we must humanly return to the basics of conscience. Because Nature and life are places to share and enjoy fairly and equitably. Should we realize that living in this living space full of grace must end beautifully beneficial to everyone around it? This agreement of nature must be understood with the openness of mind along with knowledge and openness of mind. Therefore, in addition to economic needs, there is the need for conscience which is our agreement. The nature that surrounds us we must cherish with a wise, useful, and humane conscience.

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