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How to value the green space of our environment honestly with full responsibility.

We have to understand honestly what 'green space is about us' - because the things that are made an issue bring such a broad and open message, it's better to understand it from two appropriate sides. One side of us takes a real and objective understanding. While on the one hand, we take it from a subjective point of view with an open and wide stream of opinion growing.

The Green Space itself clearly describes our environment. The atmosphere is fresh, green, and clean. A natural atmosphere that is not polluted and disturbed. The forest area is well-maintained with all wildlife that is free to move in activities, seek food, grow without being disturbed, and preserved either in terms of regulation, law, and awareness.

In addition to the green environment and the protected green areas, there is also a green environment that encompasses human activities regularly and defends its originality. Although at certain actions and activities it is free to develop, refurbish, enhance its usefulness, similar to economic resources, recreational activities, tourism centers as well as agricultural resource areas, the environment, and its nature remain protected from the greed of development and short-term socio-economic interests. This we can see in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and some countries that have managed to take good care of their environment and are beneficial.

We cannot afford to dismiss the needs of our environment as a source of agricultural activities, settlements, as well as areas that have been reserved to be taken as a source of the country's economic resources. The continuation of these actions and efforts is a long-term rule and action that involves all the fundamentals of the need for heritage and generation. As long as we can maintain the rules, set the best solution, the effort will be appreciated. The regrettable thing is when we take all the opportunities that we have in a 'greedy' manner with acts of self-interest without thinking long about the cause of the consequences.

We just understand when that unhealthy activity has a detrimental effect on the part of life and the life that surrounds it. Like landslides, floods, rivers become shallow, unable to be harnessed by life and life anymore. Not to mention we are talking about dirt and toxic content on our water resources, the effects of waste disposal of agricultural, industrial activities as well as irregular settlements and exploration of forests.

What is the best way to improve the concept of socio-economic activities like this? The best thing is to redevelop the value of a prosperous life starting from the foundation of the moral education of the family, society, and the nation. Because based on the development of all sides of society and the country, it is unlikely to run away from global responsibility. The overall responsibility of the nine billion humans living on the surface of this earth.

The real us have long recognized that we live side by side as a society and neighbors without borders.

The effect of the 'ice' liquidity, in the poles, will have a direct impact on us. The effects of marine waste with the disposal of water content containing dirt and toxic will affect global well-being. The impact of large-scale irregular deforestation activities will have a direct impact on the formation of 'weather extremes, the thinning of the earth's protective space, the 'atmosphere' which ends with various weather symptoms to us without limits and boundaries.

This awareness is what we should have to continue to take care of our environment.

We understand this issue if not addressed regularly, in cooperation with the high value of awareness, will be a burdensome program and effort. We understand that this effort is costly with a variety of preparations and plans especially in poor countries that are unable to deal with issues with appropriate methods. Because for poor countries this kind of global issue, it is already the last list of thousands of issues they have to address especially when it comes to the issue of 'the need for a stomach to live'. It is at this stage that we need to understand how to find the best solution to take care of our efforts and recognize the importance of our prosperous green environment'.

It is based on this realization that we are at least aware of our capabilities and choices in any activity that involves our green environment. For example, the Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest program implemented is a program of economic activity from spice agricultural resources by adopting the concept - We can obtain economic resources by continuing to maintain our green environment'. The GBISF program prioritizes the type of spice crops of semi-forest choice with the effort to balance between the need for agricultural-sourced economic activities and reducing the disposal of green areas. We will strive to keep its green environment back in its original habitat. Perhaps this activity will not be able to restore the space as a whole but if we can maintain 40 percent of our green environment compared to the concept of 'explore and open' by completely transforming the original shape of the forest, this method can be beneficial not only in its cycle but also globally.

We will have a healthy, clean, green, and fresh environment including airspace and surface water cycles and in clean soils. This happens due to the nature of this preferred spice crop, does not use chemical fertilizers, does not completely dispose of the original plant, and can grow tens or even hundreds of years.

Only self-centered attitudes for various obscure reasons interfere with this effort.

Therefore we should understand this effort more clearly and openly.

We understand that there are still many poor countries that are u

table to form a good and effective planning structure for their communities. What we should be aware of is that efforts to build, overhaul, plan and provide capabilities to implement programs that are for underprivileged countries, with the provision of such limited infrastructure are a global responsibility. Because we live in a room with no borders and borders. The proceeds from that good effort will surely bring back the best benefit for us.

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