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How this program can help some of the much-needed responsibilities of our life cycle. How the efforts of Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest can deliver the necessary returns in part of our life cycle and all that sustains it.

The environment is a part of our life's resources that come with it that is prepared as a gift. We need our environment as a source of clean water, fresh air, and food preparation. We also use all natural resources and minerals as material that is processed in various forms of use from technological advances as the material of our lives.

The important and true thing that consumers need to understand is the responsibility and awareness to ensure that this award can be used perfectly and truly.

We should understand that the responsibility of this environment is trust.

We should be aware that this responsibility is the responsibility of man and humanity, a responsibility that will be passed on from generation to generation that continues as long as it is allowed for us to live on an earth that is presented as a gift.

Based on that awareness we will always have to understand that each of us will be in our environment according to our needs and every life and life that sustains the space of need together as the connection and tolerance that has been entrusted.

It is in this tolerance that we must understand that the responsibility and trust for each of us are to manage the trust space as perfectly as possible, working with every matter of life and life because we are not alone in this life affair.

When we need water as a source of life, we must also be grateful and grateful. We value the source - we learn how to keep and make sure that the resource is well maintained. We understand his needs and we acknowledge that his needs are not for our own, but for every life that sustains him. This kind of awareness will bring the desire and hope to always be observant and understand the rules of life correctly in its environmental space.

We know that the water we need comes from rivers, water resources, lakes, shelters, and various resources, as well as those deep within the earth's bowels from which we must keep gifts and efforts. So we must keep the area of the cause clean, and, unpolluted, and, have a natural cycle that is awake with support and efforts to determine that it is on the right side and appropriate.

From that realization, we can not deny the importance of a clean, fresh, green, and healthy environment.

On that awareness, we know the importance of green growth, forests, rivers, air, land, and every mineral, sea, sand, and what is given as a gift.

With that awareness also we must properly manage our environment and life cycle as perfectly as possible.

We will not be able to refuse that the life cycle is already arranged and perfectly organized. We know that in the water there are fish and all life that needs oxygen to breathe, needs clean water for the grassy life to survive, and we need that water as well as a source of our lives.

We know and should know that clean water sources need a green environment, trees, soil surface, and everything connected to help each other make water able to go through natural processes to maintain its existence according to the needs of life.

We can't possibly afford to take care of all the necessary business. However, taking some of that responsibility as our appreciation for showing our concern for that life cycle is very important.

With this awareness, the Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest program can help among the important parts to ensure greenery, freshness, clean air, and cherished soil surface that will indirectly help keep the water source on a suitable and true cycle.

This spice cultivation program is not only able to help the environmental cycle, but also provide a return of the appropriate source of income for its efforts.

The fresh, green, and able-to-grow nature of the spice tree on a natural cycle greatly helps the effort to treat its environment properly and appropriately. The nature of the main spice tree as an option capable of growing at a period of more than 60 years of age strongly supports the efforts to control the environment we expect.

GBISF has already done the research and seen the growth of spice trees in the field. GBISF has made Indonesia, Vietnam, and India a reference source for research and data collection. GBISF has also consulted various data sources on crops, production, and spice requirements for consumers without cultural limits and boundaries.

Based on the research, the flattened spice trees that are planted can thrive, be fresh, and green, and can create a cool and suitable environment for living and living.

The ability of hard fruit trees to thrive in hilly marbles with root properties that can grip the rocks can help strengthen the soil surface.

So are the clove tree, and the nutmeg.

The most important thing about this awareness is the development of this program correctly and appropriately. Develop these efforts continuously and truly. Develop awareness and understand every involved with adequate and continuous encouragement, guidance, and guidance. Develop a source of knowledge that is true and appropriate to the needs of the program and the goals. Developing patiently and prudently, while instilling confidence and straightening all expectations according to the evidence from experience and history.

Ensure that every effort has the right direction according to expectations. The program is very confident in the goals and goals achieved not by empty promises but from the history of the need for their use and from all sources of record from the beginning to this moment and the record of evidence of the boundless need and boundaries of human life.

We may not be able to carry out the responsibility of the worsening burden of having a huge impact on the earth and our environment. But we are unlikely to also let the earth and our environment, graze in pain and we only look with PITY WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST ABILITY TO HELP. FROM THAT WE BEGIN THE ACTION OF TAKING ATTITUDES FROM THE SPACE THAT IS AROUND US AND WE MUST BE CONFIDENT THAT THERE WILL BE AN AWARENESS THAT WILL COME FROM DIFFERENT CORNERS OF CONSCIENCE TO UNDERSTAND OUR PURPOSE.


We don't have to rush into ownership of results and success, but we are confident generations and history will be able to judge it.

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