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Improving the value of thinking in society.

Improving the value of thinking in society, on different socio-economic, cultural, and thinking backgrounds.

We often hear, see, and read and get input, questions whose conclusions form the issue of 'togetherness and justice enjoy the well-being of life' that comes into contact with the issues that surround us.

When we touch on the question of 'well-being of life ' the focus is on the right to live in peace that must be obtained by all means of effort, according to the background of each individual's ability, by the rules, culture, and path of choice.

The questions that arise are the gaps of understanding, procurement, step power, and strength of principles greatly affect this effort, in addition to the value of spiritual support, conscience, 'hidayah' as well as the provisions of 'Qada', and 'Qadar' prepared by the Almighty.

Our lives today are all in contact with the space of challenges that come equally. The only thing that distinguishes it depends on where our space is. Regardless of where we are, in what background the ability is, and the basis of the preparation that we have, or that has been perfectly pre-populated by 'destiny', we have to deal with the layout to acquire the value of well-being. The well-being whose desire is at the same value as the needs of all who are still breathing whether it is cascading, growing wild, on the surface of the soil, in the water, or the soil.

From this space box with different backgrounds, it will indirectly or indirectly affect the value of the achievement to be obtained. The value of achieving this is summed up as a question of 'struggle'.

When we're able to group the backgrounds of each individual in this fight. We will see the fight carried out from different directions with the same focus, achieving the well-being and favors that should be gained. In the status of the struggle, some fail, succeed, or end without a change of benefits before and after the fight. It's not a question of sympathy, because we're on the line at every start-up step, but how the trustees are entrusted as the holders of the direction of control for them to fight. This is because every group that succeeds or not is sure to have an overall effect that spreads well or otherwise. Because we know each other has rights, as we say, the blind we lead, the old and our children, the young ones we bear, the young ones we bear the burden of responsibility and who can't afford it, we can afford. If we've fulfilled what we've been responsible for.

The fundamental question for us as fighters is, trying to understand the factors of capability preparation, the construction of mental, and physical structures, the accuracy of the strategy, the timeliness, the best choices, and the support, the willingness to 'fail', as well as 'redho'( consider the letter of destiny for us that is surely the best choice of the hidden Almighty who only the Almighty knows ).

Therefore, the preparation and preparation of mental, and physical principles to achieve that status of well-being is necessary to prepare yourself, not only from the ability of the strategy of thinking and working but also the preparation of a good conscience.

This foundation we once laid, in our quest for a step. The basis of this Understanding is undoubted that it begins, from the foundation of formation, and the vindication from within, from the institutions of the self, the family, the community, and the state, which covers the foundation, education, health, opportunity, and choice, the cyclical culture of the way of life, the environment, the continuation of the scene, and the conscience between us.

It is formed like a connection, and the neural touch that is tasked with conveying sensory activity, a touch of taste that is formed from what we see, hear, touch, and feel, as well as a more advance of instinct and spiritual senses.

If the foundation, and senses like this develop regularly, it will develop into a strong founding structure with a beautiful polite instinct, as well as slashing into a point of forming a perfect color aura, and can be ensured that we are equally capable of structuring, and cultivating real well-being in our lives.

So when we want to touch on whatever we consider perfect to be our turnover, it requires a foundation of hard work, cultivating a true strategy, which is appropriate, and tailored to our direction.

We are not perfect human beings, the superpowers, to direct all desires at will, and to enjoy success with pride, but as much as possible the right to prosperity with the principle of togetherness we must have in a just and equitable manner.

We must understand that we are human beings born from the formation of the foundation of common conscience, mental and physical relationship that is organized and organized, which always needs to require each other, shoulder-to-shoulder, supporting support, mutual understanding, giving, and receiving mutual respect and appreciation.

From this point on we will be able to build the values of individuals, families, and communities that are almost perfect' and able to meet all needs.

Each of those things starts from a small point, shaped and shapeless, moving, evolving, and mutating, capable of adapting its cycle as we wish.

So is the dream of 'Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest'. developing spice cultivation agriculture with a structure appreciating its environment is aimed at sharing the ability to increase the status of a part of the community's income or home while maintaining a healthy, fresh, clean, beautiful, beneficial environment for all life and life that surrounds it. This GBISF encompasses the desire to create the dream of owning and acquiring all benefits, and that can be harnessed by carrying all cultures of effort.

Not only do we want individuals, families, and communities to have the opportunity, and enjoy the benefits, but also want to be related, to the cultural cycle of those efforts, such as a prosperous environment, fresh green growth, clean water, overcoming landslide disasters, dirty water cycles, floods, river well-being, and our settlements as well as impacting our returns globally.

What we do is not an impossible achievement if we want to and are confident that we can.

The only thing we're thinking about it, this kind of good thing, just being of laughter among ourselves, a lot of fear, prioritizing a lazy attitude of thought, a predicament, with a narrow mindset, recklessness in action, a culture of common sense grouping, and quickly losing direction, and a love of talking blanks, and a sense of looking forward with blind eyes and bare chests.

So make sure that the choice is true and suitable for us.

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