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Small Thing For Our Generation

As we talk about global issues that are geared towards the discussion of various issues facing the world. We are exposed to a war between Ukraine and Russia that only wins losses, wins destruction and death, and inflicts deep soul destruction. We do not deny that each side has a reason that they think is very important and is the right of the struggle of the country and the dignity of the nation. If we think soberly, it seems that war and destruction are like being created for the benefit of selfishness and the reputation of unilateral interests. While friend states and countries with veto power simply knock on the table, counting profits and interests.

Do we know? As the war raced to victory in parts of the world, people fought with hunger and fought for human rights while the world's weather situation, global heat, waste disposal, poverty, poverty, social problems, and poverty piled up here and there.

What is our need as critical thinkers, to have innovative power? We will not be able to think about everything and act with all the will that we think is best for all. We can't afford to change the round of the world. Superpower countries that think they have the power are not capable of setting things up to their will. We also can't afford to reorganize everything and develop poor countries in some parts of the world, such as Africa, Latin America, the Philippines, and some countries on the Asian continent.

But we should be able to donate something for the well-being of life that can go all the way even if it's just a clove or a piece of cinnamon. We're going to be able to bring back the green urgency that brings green and fresh space, which will produce oxygen for us and them. That we can do little things that can make room for the world and life sucks fresh and clean air with a green environment.

Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest prioritizes this desire in the cultivation of spices that have the resilience of life to generations. We know that in Indonesia there are still spice trees such as cloves and nutmeg planted since colonial times.

These facts and data can be the basis of strength for us to implement this (GBISF) program.

It has its own strengths and abilities, it is unique and able to adapt to a suitable location. It can grow up to 5 to 6 generations.

The need has never been rejected and even evolved into a source of need, medicine, health, green beauty as well as shaping delicious flavors to a wide variety of foods and drinks.

Based on the data and facts that have been tested and proven we should be able to provide appropriate assessment and support for this GREEN-BASED INTELLIGENT SPICE FOREST program.

This awareness should be implemented with a straight and focused mind as well as physical strength.

We must be confident and actually confident that all parties will support this good work. We are also confident that capital strength issues, as well as management issues and systems, will move towards a more appropriate direction to be helped and continue to move towards success for this effort.

We have to be confident that based on what previous generations did, it hasn't changed its form of consumerism to this point and beyond. That's good and confident that this program (GBISF) has.

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