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Spice Revenue Management. Learn from Spice Entrepreneurs and Growers.

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Find the actual value of the product results.

If we want to dominate the market we should be able to dominate the field.

If we want to dominate the spice market, we have to master the water content.

This is not just an assumption but rather a fact of accurate experience that can be certified.

It highlights the issue of expertise and wisdom in the implementation of work as well as mastering the quality field of a product.

The wisdom in the field is to nurture and provide knowledge input so that at a certain period in the management of the product, ultimately for each party to obtain a real victory in maintaining the quality of the products that can be certified.

We do not want to form a wisdom that at a certain period even results in a loss of product confidence from the consumer.

Long-term losses are when products are difficult to be certified by the consumer market as a whole and are global. This could undermine the structure of the country's product export capabilities.

Wisdom is the nature of creative thinking that is intensely or orderly forming the nature of the ability to think and act to have or dominate decisions that win over the acter. However, we should think more honestly to assess the wisdom of how it is needed in a more authoritative and valued action. Such wisdom is more of a form of organized manipulation based on untrue interests and desires.

As buyers, we only think about paying for the product according to the agreed value and are informed by the seller on an underlying basis.

When we buy a kilo of spices, which is worth paying for, is the weight of the value of the spice at a price, according to the material content of the spice. We do not intend to pay for the contents of the water or any value that is hidden or deliberately concealed in its material.

It must be acknowledged that at a certain period of time the 'value of profit ' that is owned and acquired in the short term even gives birth to a form of culture, press pressing, deception, and manipulating intelligence for self-interest.

The most important thing is that all parties involved in this venture space form firmly and sincerely on the importance of being honest and accountable so that in the end each party makes a real profit.

The buyer feels the value paid is appropriate.

Farmers get prices that correspond to quality-certified produce.

Product entrepreneurs get a true supply of price-appropriate - and are basically willing to share profits on social values and increase the price of production from farmers.

The country gets value in the name of producing quality agricultural products for export quantity and is capable of being certified by global consumers.

Agricultural production will be the highlight of consumers and those who need quality resources for the supply of research, education, and development resources.

All parties should understand and recognize how important it is for us to produce a chain of product quality from the policy/basic level. as a form of construction structure the quality of the product can be certified.

We want our products to be known not because of our wisdom in working out cheap facts that win on brands but lose out in terms of real turnover value.

Product Revenue is the value of an asset that must be defended as we defend our self-respect. It may be a little slow but its value will continue to strengthen the minds of consumers from generation to generation. The real wisdom is the ability to gain consumer confidence to survive on the product from years of use results and it is difficult to change options.

The important thing is to continuously increase the value capacity of the quality and quantity of products produced according to the changing and evolving needs of the consumer. Always improve the shape of the product according to consumerism.

Therefore, the initial awareness of the program emphasizes the importance of QUALITY VALUE OF PRODUCTS SUITABLE FOR THE WILL AND INTERESTS OF CONSUMERS - defending the value of programs that prioritize the well-being of farmers - environmental well-being and consumer well-being, by providing sufficient input of valuable and useful information to each of the parties that are irradiating on the life and life from which the result begins and ends in the hands of the consumer.

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