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Take Advantage of the Area Responsibly and Wisely.

Updated: Jan 10

Small or large the size of a country can have a certain impact in terms of population, area, size of production products, especially if it is supported by a large agricultural capable area as well as abundant ocean and earth yields.

and, to position that as a true measure of the success of well-being as well as the actual affordability status of its economic capabilities as well as the standard of living status of its society, it still requires many more things that will be considered.

It should be understood that the real drivers who can determine the status of the achiever of the well-being of the community depend largely on the quality of space management which is the source of all resources that are able to provide returns to the manager and can be distributed in an orderly manner to his community.

If we want to take a suitable example close to us, Singapore is an ideal example.

We know that there are specific considerations with different probabilities, and as well as the results of certain studies, in accordance with socio-cultural, administrative structures and other matters that are very different. But it must be honest that we accept the reality that Singapore is a small country capable of carrying out the responsibilities and trust and hopes of its people.

In the economic management system, forming ideas, making choices, and willingness to take decisions. they are able to perform each of those actions well and perfectly.

They are able to absorb all the burdens fairly and well to form a symbol of developed countries, not only in terms of economics but also from the well-being status of the community and their environment.

We should not take it quickly and arbitrarily in giving an assessment of the factor without knowledge when assessing how well Singapore is capable of managing various forms of space to ensure the well-being of its people.

Therefore, when the Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest program is informed to all parties that are proposed to be appropriately involved, we must give consideration to the appropriate and acceptable consideration of common sense to form an option as the best decision.

We should evaluate correctly and appropriately the facts and evidence that can be obtained clearly.

We should be able to assess the facts presented by giving the opportunity to be optimistic, and positive, and breadth of quality debate so that all work efforts and expressed and implied confidence can be properly understood before making a decision.

We should dare to form a quality assessment structure so that the assessment is understandable from various forms of view so that we do not lose out just because we are in a hurry, take it easy, or are indifferent to work.

Malaysia still has hundreds of thousands of acres of absolutely derelict land, without giving a return to the country and its community. It could be that the area of the derelict area is more than a few times the size of Singapore.

Unfortunately, the abandoned space has reached more than ten years or twenty years without giving any benefit. Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest strongly understands that the spice tree planting program requires a geographical fit. But if we can afford to take the total area of thirty to forty percent of the derelict area it is enough.

This has not yet taken into account the number of FELDA settlers, FELCRA Smallholders of Sedarhana as well as the owners of orchards scattered in all parts of the country.

Based on this research, the issue of improving the well-being of households by providing suggestions of achievable opportunities is not impossible to implement. It's just that we need a little patience and work

It's hard to carry it out.

The work of developing such a complex structure will be easy if there is a unity of understanding, willingness to accept views, and criticism, and absorbing various load structures.

All parties should be more open to absorbing the load and pressure as well as appropriate supplies to compensate for all the clashes.

All parties, government agencies, community leaders, the country, and anyone who thinks fit and quality in their field can sit together to form a flexible structure to form resilience to implement this program which is thought to bring a return to the well-being of the community, the country, and the life that characterizes it as a legacy for generations.

Therefore, the real strength of a country in developing that well-being space is based on the ability to manage the space and opportunities available well and wisely.

The most important thing of each of the structural materials should be their responsibility to contribute support and support to the program with a broad open soul, accepting without much prejudice, being compliant and confident in the recommendations put forward by the Program. ( with the note that the program has been evaluated. researched and certified by quality sources and accurate facts ).

Society should be developed with all appropriate and true inputs. that the effort brought can give them the return of well-being that they hope for and that they can honestly certify it.

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