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Teaching Process for Green-Based Intelligent Spices forest Program.

The success of such efforts will be achieved through the process. The process takes time. In the process, we need mental and physical strength.

The process will not only require mental resilience but will also involve certain costs such as finance.

If we fail to survive all - the without process does not give any effect other than failure and disappears.

However, the process requires complete preparation and has been certified based on true and certified input sources. Confessions should also be understood based on the need for knowledge that is appropriate to the field.

For example, if we want to make spice-related ventures a field of effort, we should have provided a complete space of all aspects of knowledge according to the field.

We should have made sure that we have enough information about the spice of its origins, the history of its existence, the space of extermination, the socio-culture that follows it, and the needs of the user in the space of his life. growth, location, and management methods from the space of the agricultural venture to the hands of the donor. Mastery of such understanding is essential to ensure that we do not go in the wrong direction, we understand the best and worst if we are hit by problems, and more importantly, we are able to overcome any questions that arise that make us have to make the right judgments and choices when making decisions. This becomes a fundamental thing when we want to do things well and wisely. Such preparation will be obtained on the basis of equitable research and knowledge.

The supply of the study should involve the background room of the type of spice it grows. The research and history of the farmers working on the spice crop effort. equitable field information from various points of question involving the efforts of spice farmers. The issue of demand and price is also a variety of other things that are thought to be very much needed.

This preparation will be a guideline for our farming community to understand and start the spice crop effort without much doubt.

The planner should provide all inputs adequately and effectively. Planners are not just trying to disseminate information about the importance of spice plants with efforts just to ensure that the crop is well received and able to reach the target of sales of spice saplings. Planners should provide better spaces in the form of knowledge spaces, and more attractive and accessible exposure spaces by creating an attractive resource center to visit.

The planner should also provide adequate aids, and material objects all related to the program, which is based on documented forms, seeds, trees, yields, and materials related to the material needs to help grow, produce, value acquisition, expansion efforts, market areas, yield values, and contributions of the highest and best values.

Planners should also receive insights and inputs from all sources that can be obtained properly, as well as from the results of the research provided in various forms of information.

Not because of the prominence of the principle of an acknowledgment as if it makes it highly prioritized and excessive, but of the awareness to ensure that the efforts of this program obtain quality and products that can be certified and accounted for.

Planners should prepare perfectly enough for any form of description, event, and presentation with all the necessary equipment, such as seeds, saplings, information materials, documents, product examples, product forms, packaging, export documents, demand values, sources of support, as well as whatever material it deems necessary from all matters concerned. This is important to ensure that every piece of information to be conveyed can be given all the best example evidence and be received correctly and effectively.

Planning with the adequate preparation of all the requirements for the implementation of a program will be sufficiently trained and understand the form of requirements that need to be communicated to the group of information users.

The formation of a structure to implement this program should be structured as an organization complete with professional human resources, assistant personnel, and technical skilled personnel.

This group will be divided into several main parts and the breakdown of the supporting structure. Each part will play a role according to the field on a regular basis. There will be a source of principled and self-sufficient appraisers to ensure that the quality of implementation can be carried out in accordance with the address. Each of these sectors will work separately but will collide on the main driving structure.

All parts and supporting spaces will form an orderly network chain meeting at one triggering center that is controlled by the decisions and support of all decision-makers in accordance with the field and division. If this plan can be implemented properly and in an orderly manner, this program will be able to be implemented effectively and beneficially.

The capital associated with the implementation cost will be a mild issue that can be resolved well and beneficially.

The question of incomprehension. Misconceptions, prejudices, clashes and changes in attitudes will be able to be easily and easily addressed.

Planners have the confidence to recommend the need for this program to be implemented properly in order to benefit.

The implementation of this program planning is not just a matter of material propulsion. But more important is the genuine and true energy of conscience, reason, and science. To earn quality and blessings.

There's no such thing, no matter how small it doesn't matter. All matters have the appropriate requirements of the field and will be taken into account.

The planner should know the best approach and method to achieve the planned status. Professional personnel should know the responsibilities by field, the main supporting energy should know how to be a driving tool that is always ready to face all possibilities, and the network of the giver and the recipient of the input should always be updated. Communities should be well embraced as the main lifeblood of the planned program procurement resource base. Government agencies and all departments involved should always be maintained as one of the main pillars of the strength of the program structure.

This program should be known as a large structure and widen to all corners of the community and field.

It should be understood that this program was developed with the application of the need to prosper the small farming household community to the well-being of the community and the country.

It should also be known that this program is a new agricultural program that wants to be introduced to the community.

It should also be understood that efforts that have reached the age of hundreds of years still require attention and are looking for various decision solutions and actions for those of us who are just starting.

The best thing for us is the right opportunity and opportunity. We will be exposed to a wide range of proven information and can be a sample tool.

We easily get all the important inputs. We will be able to make good and beneficial judgments.

We have a good source of seeds to sow, we can provide a variety of saplings of program options to be a source of study and improve procurement standards.

We can get all the raw materials to be a source of research and examples of export activities, packaging, and product quality improvement.

This is the best thing about this program. The important thing is how well we want it to be implemented well and in accordance with the desired benefits.

We should know that in addition to being able to help households and communities in our country increase their income, this program will also be able to be expanded in various areas for the needs of consumers, such as health and medicine as well as tourism and education.

We urgently need an orderly understanding and unity of desire to make the efforts of this program work within our desires and expectations.

All parties involved should sit in one roomy and organized space on the status of mutual need and value.

It is not possible for us to calmly deny why this effort should be denied its necessity.

Of course, there is still a lot to look into, but scrutiny should be made on the basis of the need for its implementation. The study was not to examine the permissibility of the probability of adverse effects and the inconvenience of this effort. This is what we need to win in making choices and decisions.

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