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The Adjustment Agenda and Decision Steps are Balanced, Understood Wisely, and Truthfully.

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The most important thing that is the focus of the work to achieve the planned implementation stage is to reassess after each stage of the agenda is completed.

The stage of the first phase of the program after the understanding of the baseline by all parties involved, such as government agencies and program planners is to seek adaptation from all aspects required.

for example, the results of fundamental decisions, regulations, and laws of use of areas with a certain period involving the appropriate duration of the program, due to the period of life of flat spice trees 60 years. Once reviewed and researched appropriately, it should meet all aspects of the duration of the program, the expected changes as well as the impact of the appropriate returns that should be obtained by all parties that are long-term consuming.

These decisions and all points of adjustment must be evaluated with the heart. Preparation for the implementation of this program is not only evaluated by the impact and figures of the return figures only but also by the impact of the district and state development planning such as Town and Country Development Planning, State Economic Planning Unit, Settlement, and Population Growth Planning as well as other options when the location will be involved with infrastructure development.

When we design a long-term program for the well-being of all, we should not focus on all the best things, but also look at the real factors that can push the success of the program, in addition to the contingencies, from the sources of natural disasters, droughts, floods, landslides and the long-term capacity of human resources.

All these issues should be thought out, researched, taken into balance, and decided as perfectly as possible.

In this program, the main thing to achieve is a balance of well-being for all. Even on economic policy, the return on profit is final, but the priority that should be absorbed with full awareness is, how the profit should give the return of well-being not to the group but to all the life that surrounds it.

Therefore, every decision on the implementation of the program, the decision on the adaptation option to implement the program by all parties involved is at the core of the responsibility by prioritizing the value of real values that must be assumed from generation to generation. Our greatest hope is that no one is harmed and left behind.

This is the key to the basic structure that needs to be decided by all parties in a knowledgeable, honest and true manner.

After all the understanding of the results can be achieved correctly, every matter such as the status of the land, the value of the cost, the time frame, the understanding of the resulting understanding, the possibilities of the expected and unexpected possibilities should be documented in an appropriate language and understandable to all by rejecting all the elements that could damage the pure desire of the program and all those involved with the balance as perfectly as possible.

The value of this value should be appreciated and respected with great awareness.

It is this documentary that is the basis of all holding, should not be disturbed and threatened by the hand of the powerful without morality.

This document should be well maintained and under any circumstances if there is a need related to the program.

Clearly and this document is an asset to the well-being of the program.

It should be used with respect and responsibility and trust. The basis of its requirements includes the right to protect the program, benefiting the confidence of a particular party as a member of the executor. be a guarantee as well as a bull of the power of the program.

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