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The Basic of Real Confidence.

It's not easy to realize an imitation into reality. For an imitation, it only takes a few seconds to move from the solution's point to the visualization

starting point.

It can be changed, changed, and treated independently according to the shadow print of reason and taste. Conclusions can be obtained in the next second. It can be constantly adjusted, taken, and rejected as needed. Can be eliminated, set aside, selected, and placed in position as appropriate.

The hardest thing is when we lose the imagen point, we lose the relationship to re-implement that point in its position.

So the note immediately plays a role, sketch scratches, notes and all the provisions of the direction should be made. This is important to ensure that we are always able to maintain important factual data on the fundamentals of imitation.

In that effort, we're always going to be in real space. We always need to make sure that the sources of information and inputs we get can sit on track with our needs.

For example, when we mention spice is the basic pattern that forms the structure of the program, we have to master the origin, history, place, country, needs of the spice consumer, and the other relevance that accompanies the word. Spices have a wide variety, such as cloves, sweet skin, sweet cumin, cumin, cardamom, and dozens of spice names that live on the land of the equatorial line and the tropical part.

Such mastery is not limited to knowledge of names, consumer backgrounds, as well as history, but should also include scientific studies and studies, chemical studies, biology, geography, the history of society and space-time, and the history of consumerism, as well as how spices became so close to human life. It also involves the calculation of the economic aspects associated with the program. We certainly can't deny how all those affairs involve social structure and work culture. as well as the acquisition of results that can change the cultural structure as well as the thinking status of the community.

The development of this direction and structure should be mastered so that we can inform the results of qualitative research when the implementation of this program is implemented.

This effort has no end point. It will continue to grow and continue. An example of how a spice dealer has been collecting price records of goods for more than 50 years and such posts are used continuously for two generations. As a result of the effort, the trader was able to sort out the prediction of the fluctuations in the price of the spices through the notes made. It can determine the price fluctuation diagram curve, demand volume, production revenue, consumer needs season, and various other needs such as stock storage, releasing sales with various offerings, and being able to handle the market in a quality manner.

With this wide range of data and facts, we can handle the program well. We can first detect any matters related to the issue to act and manage it effectively.

Based on that, the thing that starts with an imitation can give birth to reality, as we wish.

How we organize data and facts into structures, which have rank and develop gradually.

- continue -

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