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The Beneficial Conscious, Thing We Have to Work On.

Honestly, we're not always perfect, and it's still lacking. But the effort to make consciousness a springboard for why the best thing is desire.

The desire to find the best thing to serve as memories and gifts no matter how small it may be is a well-held desire to be present in the grasp of the rightful.

The breadth of our country when compared to our neighbor Indonesia is hard to predict.

Perhaps it is also when the desire to pursue a desire to work In the form of agriculture such as a spice crop becomes an inappropriate undertaking and looks like an understated effort in the direction of the speech.

But we need to be a little more open, and positive in dealing with a backup. We should prioritize looking at a proposal from a fair angle. Didn't look squeamish and was quick to make a decision.

The area versus the quality of the results is two different angles of the approximate aspect. The lot and volume of a product will certainly determine the amount of turnover, but from a better angle, the quality of revenue will be able to achieve the right of success that it wants to achieve and be able to survive on the side of the real achievement needs.

Based on that we would not be appropriate to put a hasty decision to state that the breadth of the effort space plays an important role in this proposal.

We have to accept the fact that the earth's space will become narrower with the various needs of infra and means of life. The surface space for us to occupy will become narrower with the increasing number of people every day around us.

We should have had enough preparation to plan the best ideas to occupy these various issues on the appropriate front. We do not have to wait until the forest space is exhausted by greedy hands, to meet the demands of their greed, for us to arrange forest space for the necessities of life and life.

We should have started the effort to make limitless stomachs green space possible. Without reducing efforts to defend the forest to be as well maintained as possible.

We should appreciate that life is not just about meeting the needs of our stomach. We must acknowledge that in every corner of this space of Life there are still creatures of God's grace who need space to breathe, eat and continue life.

Based on that awareness, efforts to maintain an environment that is compatible with agricultural status should be undertaken with all responsibility. Efforts to use herbicides, insecticides, and various methods of fertilizing needs of a temporary nature should be rejected.

The cultivation of spices to fill the farmer's venture space and the appropriate method of return yield are among the efforts that can be highlighted.

Spice trees that can thrive, are green, healthy, and able to survive for a long time are among the best efforts for this awareness.

A semi-forest spice tree is the best thing to maintain and provide additional green space in our environment. We will not be able to sustain the green that is a savings asset for life's necessities of life and life. Nor will we be able to defend the laws and regulations set by the powers on the grasp. But it will be able to continue to improve, improve, and increase the green space around us without limits. We must be confident that for every tree, every hundred, and thousands of trees we plant with togetherness we will consciously continue to give returns to each of us without the bounds of cultural boundaries, life principles, and needs.

We must be sincere, instilling unlimited humanitarian value efforts in the pursuit of this program, and at the same time, we honestly understand that we will receive a good return from the efforts of our own hands.

Awareness of how important it is for us to understand the direction and the best return from this spice cultivation effort.

Something very important is to always honestly maintain the quality of the results of the effort to properly benefit us he and them.

On behalf of a government that implements policy but we respect and respect. Only the important thing should understand is that every policy of implementation comes from awareness, and knowledge, and have certain rules and levels that can always change and adapt as needed. We must be aware that every effort must have determination and expediency, certainly having advantages and disadvantages that can always be improved, and enhanced from the appropriateness of changing and evolving times.

The cultivation of spices is not a punishment on policy but rather an awareness to improve from every effort that has been made, which has been implemented and IS THE RESULT OF SUCCESS AND FAILURE.

We should take the initiative of cooperation from all the capabilities we have. take advantage of everything available, and have been prepared from all agencies, professional resources, logistic capabilities, and possibly capital.

We must be able to take some time to consider, comment, and prepare for the relevant view of the one small space that has worked on it for generations.

We must be able to enable ourselves and reason and conscience to see the relevance of this effort from the most fundamental and deep consciousness of the petals of conscience.

We honestly will not reject the economic needs of any effort. We will also not rule out that this spice cultivation effort will focus on the need for improvement and achievement of economic value. The most important thing here is that there is a need for an even distribution of economic procurement rights that can reach all sectors, especially small-conscious farmers and households with suitable agricultural space.

It should be understood that this effort is not a backward effort to return the farmers to the past life by becoming farmers in the village. Whereas in fact, the efforts of the farmers in the system are quite good, when they can provide the amount of produce as an army of ants collecting little food is evidence. We should find out how the spice farmers in the Sumatera along the edge of the 'BUKIT BARISAN' of the Sumatran spine collect hundreds of tonnes of their spices every month.

From the beginning, we've warned we're not doing this based on competition and comparison. We want this effort to be implemented to provide space and opportunity for every household and small farmer to be able to enjoy the agricultural produce from a conscious but successful effort, and the well-being of the environment that can be maintained for future generations to enjoy, APPRECIATE THE AWARDS AND BENEFITS OF LIFE IN A FAIR AND BENEFICIAL MANNER.

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