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The Direction with our Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest Program

The basis of the necessities of life, whatever the reason is food. Food is the main source of the need to continue living according to the standards of a society's background according to 'class' and needs. In maintaining adequate food supply, anything related to nutrition agriculture will be placed as a program that should be implemented in a short-term and long-term manner.

The preparation of food resources from the agricultural effort and the various agricultural programs will be organized regularly by the Ministry and all agencies structured under it with organized planning, stage by stage, from top management covering laws and regulations to policy levels covering the entire agricultural sector.

We know that it is not easy to find solutions, decide on preferred solutions, and implement agreed programs from the leader level to the farmers' level.

However, as the highest body of a ministry in particular the ministry of agriculture, experience, selected personnel, officials who carry out the trust, as well as farmers should have obtained the necessary information and procurement related to the form of agriculture that needs to be carried out continuously, such as crops of daily nutritional needs, e.g. rice for rice, vegetables, and fruits, other than commodity crops such as palm for edible oil and necessities other than the results of various productions. Quality agricultural produce is also a source of export from a particular country. What's more, if the importing country cannot provide such requirements by relying on exports.

Looking at the current developments in terms of aspects, the geopolitics of today's world, the increase in population, and unexpected natural disasters have indirectly influenced greatly on the ability to provide the food needs of the world's population. Such direct effects adversely affect socioeconomic values globally. The worst thing that's real is the impact of the covid 19 pandemic that affects 90% of the world's population. The 2-3 years of the impact of this pandemic has taken away greedily all human freedom to actively engage in agriculture.

Although the status of this pandemic has been endemic to hard work and joint ventures globally, the recovery effort is certainly a bigger challenge for us to achieve a resurgence to its original status before this global disaster occurred. The most detailed thing is to provide enough necessities which are food.

The effort to develop sectors in various forms must be the main agenda of society and the country, whether for everyday needs.

We should also note that agricultural production in addition to being able to meet local needs adequately, can also provide long-term returns from export activities if the agricultural option is in line with the needs and demands.

Every proposal or program that involves the need to improve, adapt, positive changes, quality, quantity, and anything related to this agricultural sector should be viewed with the utmost knowledge and wisdom. Assessment must be supported by improved processes, the need for honest and true research, and cooperation. Especially if the program or implementation of the agricultural effort is about universal needs.

We must acknowledge that the desire to implement an extensive large program is not easy, especially if it is something of a new idea. However, it is not impossible. It's just that it needs to be understood honestly, and truly, about the direction of the eyes, the impact, and the positive value that we will get.

An effort of this magnitude with the outburst of new ideas requires support and support with all the structures involved. Support is policy support that is understood and able to be seen in terms of achievement and achievement, It needs to be added, repeated, sampled, and seen from various angles that are necessary especially from the socioeconomic aspect.

Looking at the distribution of the population, the area of derelict land, and the value of land consumption that can still be programmed regularly, we calculate that this spice planting program can be worked out well.

Something necessary is that the unity of action from all parties that will be involved with this program should be in place and ready to be developed.

We also understand that these efforts require continuous long-term work.

We do not intend to show capability, nor push without knowledge, but it is a continuous effort to develop a sense of need for ourselves and all, that this choice is among the best to implement. The failure of an effort depends on how well prepared we are before starting the step. It doesn't have to be that we have to achieve something very well, but if we're able to reach the 70% level in an effort it's enough to be the main driver to step up more wisely.

The element of vigilance, prejudgment, caution and all those pushing factors is the SOP standard of human mentality. If you look at it properly and realize it's not a bad sign. However, it should involve pros and cons in a balanced, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and honest manner.

May this be a clear consideration of common sense, for our generation and our legacy in the face of the status of economic globalization that always comes with many challenges.

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