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The Ethical Value of Education in Environmental Wellbeing, and Household as a legacy for generations

Updated: Feb 19

Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest Program.

When we talk about the environment – we consciously understand the importance of fresh, clean green, and clean nature along with the life that follows it talks not just talk about the needs, and the importance of each of them in each other's lives.

We've been supposed to be consistent, setting rules, and laws when the human being who is the consumer himself has forgotten the tolerance that's been formed. The short-term desire by an increasingly closed handful of human beings to look morally at the value of environmental well-being on an ongoing basis.

The application and understanding of the importance of the green environment and tolerantly living households becomes essential to be included in the educational curriculum so that the desired needs in the purpose and the affordable outcomes can be enjoyed properly and beneficially.

In order to achieve this we do not once want to put aside and deny the need for other needs that need to be created in a more complex and structured well-being development space but should take note and strive to understand and make choices that there are good things that can be developed and allowed to support and support more strongly in the structure of the formation, improving needs, rehabilitating damage, with a variety of efforts that can be adapted to the geographical, sociocultural and economic backgrounds that revolve around the living space.

This application should be applied and absorbed well continuously, in order to create a culture of thinking that is more tolerant of any issues involving the environment and the well-being of the community continuously, as well as developing new elements that understand the responsibility in any element related to the well-being of society and the country.

GREEN-BASED INTELLIGENT SPICES FOREST has described it as a good and beneficial thing to make awareness into a small part of the importance of being permanently developed in the culture of generational life.

We should think about how to understand the feeling should be carried out in an orderly and wise state with the responsibility of providing a choice of good and beneficial options so that the element of destruction and destruction of the environment does not occur on the elements of living and living elements.

We know and are beginning to realize, a generation behind us seeing with the awareness that most living things such as snails, insects, poultry, fish, and all sorts of life that used to live free to cascading and fly have diminished and some are extinct from our smog, we find it difficult to see the flow of clear streams and ditches, with water life that is of great use for us.

We can no longer afford to drink water from the wells we dig on the edge of our homes. We can no longer afford the fish supply that can be obtained by being heavily waterlogged or subdued at the edge of the house or on the edge of the village. What we see is flat river water is already discolored, muddy and dirty. Rivers are starting to shallow, water life is dwindling and it's hard to breed. Plants in the water are becoming extinct making the river water dirtier and littered by our less moral actions towards the environment.

We are hardly capable of treating our environment with full moral responsibility. How our environment lives for the next two or three generations.

This situation is very embarrassing for us. We want to be seen as clean, beautifully healthy, and beautiful when we live in a dirty, rotten, and unhealthy environment. It's a falsehood of a life filled with the ethics of lies.

Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest is not only to provide the well-being of the household in order to increase the income of the residents, but rather to form a much-needed life chain structure through the responsibility division developed from the various infrastructure policies of the community and the country.

Generations of students should be informed prudently that the responsibility of a healthy and clean fresh environment is not only to repair some of the lost environment but also to provide long-term benefits to improve the socioeconomics of society and the country.

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