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The Living Space Belong to us, him and them.

It should be that great effort started from the point of conscience. Because the power of something is from what is there from life and this life is present from the petals of conscience.

We don't resist when it's a point of effort. It, in turn, is a sticking point based on the figures that involve the principle - capital - challenge - success and ending to the value of profit and loss.

But while putting aside the spotlight of conscience on all those endeavors it will end up with various risks of interest that reject the fundamental need of life. When the importance of materialism becomes the basis of success, based on what ability underlies success, it will form a whole territory area. An absolute right that must be certified and certified. Such a method of success will form high selfishness toward the one who is the absolute right. We honestly acknowledge that anyone who strives for it will have success and deserve the right to success.

However, this reality of life and life has a different status from all aspects of Life. Life and Life have real rights to black and white, hard-tempered, poor rich, failed, and successful. The most important thing in this appreciation is the reality that shapes conscience when we accept honestly the responsibility of real life on the diverse institutions of Life, which have express and implicit value.

The green and healthy life that exists in our cycle, in contrast to the needs of our distant sibling friends in the desert land without green spaces. Our efforts will benefit their lives and lives are not directly like what we understand about the need for Oxygen, the consideration of weather forms, as well as global warming.

Thus consciously we have interdependence relativity without borders, without the bounds of culture and principles of life.

Our willingness to understand this relevance is very much on the primary form of conscience that we must build honestly and with quality.

By the principle of mutual need in any form of life journey, success, and best achievement, we must still acknowledge, conscience must be true in principle to safeguard and certify the rights of our fellows.

On that basis, the good we do, the success we get, and the goals we want to do are based on the need for continuous mutual well-being without limits.

We don't want to know who's going to enjoy that effort, it's important that we know, him, and we need the results of that effort.

Based on this conscious consciousness, we must form a whole structure of conclusions about ' the concept of mutual need in Life, we must accept the principle for the right of mutual solidarity towards each other in any form of fundamental differences, based on whoever we are, This life belongs Together in any form of Life from the microbes of the soil, surface life, man, The water and the one that meets the air all have the same rights.

This foundation of conscience becomes very important to be the foundation of life, well embedded into the mind and knowledge, and to be kept beautiful in the conscience so that we and all can build a beautiful, responsible and prosperous life,

We must understand that the right of equality or equality belongs to all - as the land we have to treat, we should restore its rights, the right to life that follows it. So are water and air. Everything we adopt should return to good or better status, not just to the space of need for us and be temporary, but also to be the basis for the continuation of the method for those who will be present after our space of life.

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