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The National Education Policy on average is geared towards Knowledgeable and Beneficial.

Regardless of what the basis of the field of education will be accepted by the younger generation that develops into the backbone of the nation's development in any field - it is more about how each of us as well as our generation takes our role in the nation's development space.

It is important to understand correctly so that each of us understands the much-needed responsibility as a mechanism or development driving machine that involves the foundation of principles to be useful in every space and field.

We understand that our average level of education has reached the status of the signifier - with the increasing level of education that must be mastered from various needs to achieve socio-economic status.

This is a sign of how high our education policy continues to be dominated and continues to expand into sectors that can be used to achieve a flat socioeconomic status at the secondary level.

Only on sociocultural status, it still needs to be improved and streamlined to make the achievement of knowledge more useful - thoughtful, knowledgeable, and beneficial is more developed into something that can be certified and certified, crossing the boundaries between spaces.

Based on the certification, the method of thinking, the method of choice, the method of identifying a person, the understanding of direction, and the results are required. From that basic principle, we will become more courageous in understanding our shortcomings, accepting reality, and the more necessary, the more daring to evaluate ourselves to find, and change for the better.

Likewise, when accepting or giving suggestions or looking at ideas- we should dare to think openly and 'respect' by putting aside any element of particular interest - thus opening up all aspects of the discussion by identifying the best solution from leaving the science desk - that disappears without sculpting the direction and outcome that has been able to be recognized for its status.

We want the makers, thinkers, and decision-makers that will exist, to be the foundation of the sociocultural strength of a nation capable of maintaining authority in all goals. national policy.

The concept of the Wise Generation of Ethical and Practical Knowledge is among the hopes that need to be developed in a structured and continuous manner.

This effort will be able to produce more useful bones for the nation,

Staying away from affairs is less necessary, which in the end becomes useless, among the many efforts that are in dire need of a successful and rewarding result.

There are still many necessary improvements - which is basically important for each of us to improve our mastery of knowledge.


It needs to be seen from various angles as well as the centralized and growing importance of driving various sectors over the long term and continuing to grow.

We will not rule out a short-term agricultural produce sector that plays the role of food needs and the well-being of society as a whole.

But also we do not rule out sources of agricultural products that can be long-term and sustainable savings - by

the ability of the source of revenue and procurement, the durability and value of the results that can be obtained and can be certified.

Therefore, the important thing that we need to raise to the surface is that everything that fits the background can drive benefits, and can provide an even return not only for our needs of ourselves but also for the needs of society, the environment as well as life and life.

Therefore, true decision-makers need structured and balanced knowledge on what the basis of the needs fits the background.

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