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Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The GREEN-BASED INTELLIGENT SPICES FOREST program is a conscious program that can comprehensively cover all related matters, such as households, small industries, farmers, workers in various sectors, or society as a whole. This was the main agenda when it was triggered.

The Main Thing In the implementation is that each of those who participate has a space to plant an optional spice tree, by the suitability of the needs of the tree and according to the correct method of planting.

The main purpose of the implementation is to create various opportunities to increase the income of participants, increase openness about understanding, enjoy, new energy, build self-confidence, increase knowledge efforts, and gain all the best possibilities from something unexpected. The ancillary purpose that can be obtained is to form a common sense of responsibility from trusts and awards. Respect and appreciate the well-being of the environment without the limits of space and time.

How best to re-energize this eye?

Nothing is easy for us humans, but rather something that is presented as a gift, but the trust is heavy to hold accountable.

Therefore we should be sufficiently prepared to achieve this goal. Should be strong enough on the backing of the spirit. Must be smart enough with the impulses of science. We have to build a work team structure with all the necessary insights. We must have enough tools and skills, finances, and not be afraid to stick to the fall stand and stand again.

Something important is the support and a high level of understanding to jack up each other's roles in this effort. The strength of the presentation, the paper, and the ability to strategize alone are not enough. Must be accompanied by a point of sweat, hard work, and constant to break all the questions that will come in this endeavor. Must be built all the strength from the foundation of a firm soul.

We can only accept constructive reprimands. But it should be denied any toxic attitudes in this effort regardless of who they are. We are not making this effort for the benefit of tomorrow that is coming soon. But do this from generation to generation.

So if it's not understood, what we're here for.

Let's open a speaker of drama and poetry. A speaker capable of attracting a lot of zombie humans. Looks resourceful but empty and does not contain.

So nothing is easy, there is no beautiful imitation here. Here all there is to be brain and energy.

results are determined by nature and generation.

Therefore, it should be true to understand the content of this effort, with the intelligence of reason, along with the possession of high and appropriate knowledge.

The process to implement the Program needs to be structured, and organized from various levels.

A team member setting and selection consisting of Capital Extractors, Professional Energy, Administrator Structure Planners, Technology Planning, Financial Planners, Regulatory and Legal Researchers, Observers from the Government and agencies, and NGO Extractors. All of these resources will sit united in the program's main scope and become the leader of the implementation startup.

Selected items in implementation should be packaged into a system that can be constantly scrutinized and updated with data and facts that can monitor the implementation of the program.

The program should be organized and programmed into several PHASES so that it is easy to give focus, on and not burdensome. It can be formed into a fragmented and divided space in a predetermined order, as when it has been completed management to purchase and prepare seeds, at another phase should provide a structure of the site or an area that will become the place where the seedlings of the spice tree to be planted. Each party according to the phase structure, will prepare and prepare all the requirements according to the SOP. That includes a system involving administration and finance. In the next stage, it will be a mesh that constantly clings between the points of the structure.

This is very important to ensure that implementation is made easy to order and succeed.

Based on this program, we prioritize the 'easy to manage' system with the support of IT technology. The system is centrally powered with all networks organized in order and moving on their respective bands as needed in the PHASE order.

Thus the data bank is the main brain to be the coordinator of the implementation of the PROGRAM.

We need to have a team of collectors, researchers, and data and fact assessors who are well versed in the space they need to master. They should be prepared to form all sorts of headlines along with the ability to build a network space of all structures to be enlightened for all problems, from the various questions that will arise or be posed. Database sensitivity to the environment of the implementing space is very important. The Database will be synced directly to the Program Idea Trigger as a Researcher and Observer.

We must admit consciously, that we will not be able to stand up for ourselves as individuals who own everything perfectly enough. Even if we've been able to come up with an idea, it still needs a strong and sophisticated structure to support each other into a truly solid organization.

Must be constantly sabra, work continuously. There is no definite finishing point. Action will exist from whatever form of refection occurs. All parties will not be spared to take and assume the responsibilities that have been entrusted.

However, in reality, those who work hard with this full responsibility will get a short-term or long-term turnover and will not be neglected. We must be aware and confident that the results of this hard work will bring great returns to the well-being of the environment and life.

Something important is that it will be implemented continuously. We believe that each of those things has a point of weakness, a lack of various angles. But we also need to understand how 'time' plays a role in providing enough space for improvement, improvement, and providing enough space to be used to ensure the success of the program. Success is understood to be obtained in stages, which is important it should be started at the chosen point. Execution should keep moving. At the same time, we're going to find all sorts of issues that we need to solve intelligently and purposefully.

This principle of patience must be in the program.

We must understand the working structure of the 'ants' 'bees', as well as the THIS COLONY, HAS BUILT A VERY IMPRESSIVE WORK STRUCTURE'

We are still not too late to make this program a success as long as we have the ambition to find the right options for the future of our generation, and value life as a whole.

We're actually in a relevant space of consciousness to take advantage of this.

We're going to get a lot of support, support in person or indirectly. We'll be able to get a variety of facts and data from the sources around the program. We can find a variety of historical evidence, evidence of work, and evidence of results research.

Even if there is a claim that seeks to corner this purpose, it is based solely on the principles of each one who feels 'MORE ENTITLED' to the title of this venture.

Whereas on the principle of life, well-being, humanity belongs to all life. This can be certified because the program is very small to be monopolized based on the principle of interest. The real thing is that we help provide the need for all the capabilities and awards that we have in our environment.

There are many simulations that we can scrutinize, that Spice grows in a limited area of land. other than being highly dependent on geographical status.

From some of these conscious assessments, we can conclude that these efforts have a beneficial impact on the social, economic, and well-being structure of the global environment. The result of this effort will be alive, loved by consumers, and appreciated by the global community and nature.

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