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Our valuable actions, efforts, intellect, and awareness for mutual benefit.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

We are unlikely to change the whole sense and will of human passions, it is not possible to change the principles and lifestyles of different cultures, ways of thinking, principles, ways of government, the laws of regulation that are communities according to our will.

But honestly, we expect humanity to remain beautiful on the conscience of every life and life on the earth of grace. Because that principle of society belongs to all mankind regardless of which, the life we are in.

We must understand, we must live, the history of human life from before us, to the day we are in our lives. History should teach and guide us, on how to achieve well-being status, address challenges, and meet needs according to our capabilities and where we are. It must be wise for us to take care and take the opportunity and space to achieve the status of a more prosperous life desire.

We know how happy and happy some of us are. They eat enough and enjoy life perfectly. They have a food supply so abundant that some of it are wasted in the garbage. Whereas some of us collect food waste almost in the form of garbage to just slit the stomach. Making food mixed with garbage to fill our stomachs.

This is also understood between us and all of us in real terms. We honestly often see countries with abundant wealth, enjoying living according to their lust, whereas neighboring countries struggle to get a small amount of waste food between rock and sand, between grass and garbage.

Where is our humanity as human beings?

What should we blame all? between us and them, have the right of view and principles that each one can maintain their ownership status, or indeed there is help without our knowledge. It is only clear that those who are struggling continue to enjoy suffering and hardship throughout their lives and generations. Honestly, where are the principles of humanity and the well-being of our fellow human beings who are devastated and great we're talking about?

Seeing the situation very real, hoping and expecting something is part of the pointless act. That true humanity only thrives and is accomplished by one or two people who can be counted with fingers from a few billion human beings.


The real thing is that corruption and monetization of human rights remain fertile everywhere. Sometimes the death penalty for leaders and perpetrators who are not responsible for trust is simply not worthy of inhabiting the earth as a place of grace for us and our fellow citizens.

Anything goes back to the fundamental awareness of this natural standard of life. We will not be able to turn everything into what we want.

The best thing should be to return to ourselves, our efforts, and our consciousness to improve life from the starting point that is most appropriate and close to our way of life.

The best thing is when we're able to make the best use of the space around us. The best thing is when we can take, and understand the opportunities and opportunities that are already available by striving, improving, realizing, and fitting and can grow for the good of all.

Why do I take this attitude to implement the spice cultivation implementation program? First, we have been determined to live and be born on a predetermined cycle around us. It is this understanding of policy that we must first appreciate and take the decision.

The reality is we will not import cloves from America, import sweet skin from Australia, import nutmeg from Japan, or Korea. Nor is it possible for New Zealand or European countries to import grapes, and strawberries from our country.

Here we have the right to meet the needs of the consumer's health according to the background based on the space in which we are located.

Therefore, during the efforts of GREEN BASED INTELLIGENT SPICES FOREST PROGRAM by placing the spice cultivation effort as a viable requirement it is not a futile effort, with various assumptions of less value to be a guideline for the successful implementation of the program. It is an effort to increase the income of households or farmers efficiently by placing the burden of the implementation of the effort to the appropriate level. This effort does not put pressure on the question of high capital affordability. Does not place burden pressure on the management of care and control of crop diseases and those associated with them. Not placing the burden on the use of herbicides and the use of chemical fertilizers has a lot of adverse effects on our environment. What's more with the need for yield as an essential ingredient among the main foodstuffs of man. The planting program of these six main types of spices also does not place load pressure on the yield collection method, the workload that needs to continue for 12 months per year, also with the method of revenue management, and the storage of products that only requires a conscious, manual and natural method, such as drying and storage, as well as the durability properties of the material that can last 2 years.

With market affordability and stable prices, the program is confident it will help some of us enjoy an additional increase in income for the necessities of life. At least people can get out of a life situation that is just hoping for something uncertain, as we see most poor countries with abandoned living people without the accountability of their leaders who are incapable of leading. At least we can increase the ability to use space with methods that are more suitable for the benefit of our lives, to get better food, more decent living spaces, a more secure future, and hope. It may be one, or two of us, perhaps the next hundred hundreds of households involved in this venture benefit.

We should take this opportunity, more positively, not just for us alone, but also for the good of the space worthy of life for our generation.

We must understand that these efforts are beneficial for the economic side and have a beneficial effect on the well-being of our environment and the world at large.

Being broad-minded, positive, and open is the basis of the principle of implementing this program, regardless of the outcome effect of where our friends are located. We should start working on this program with full awareness and understanding that is worth around where we are, and this is a real gift that we truly appreciate for the good of our lives. We grow this spice, and we enjoy the result while having a beneficial impact on our environment for all.

This awareness for a while will have a beneficial effect on all, to be exemplified as a guideline for other communities who should be able to use their environment, and what they are. The most important thing is not that there are still certain parties who are incapable of thinking and acting by waiving the rights of fellow human beings.

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