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We plant spice trees, we breathe fresh air, and fresh air spreads borderless.

We plant spice trees, I and you breathe fresh air, fresh air spreads borderless, some of us benefit, our generation grows in a prosperous environment.

We may see, and hear, this program is too excessive in explaining the goals to achieve things that are considered to be of interest and excess.

We have also heard a lot and seen ideas among us who have worked hard to achieve the goal of creating a prosperous environment. We know that various voluntary organizations are conducting various campaigns to create a green environment, and it is an effort that we should already appreciate.

Only, if we take a closer look at the program, and try to understand truly and openly about the efforts of this program, It is an effort to provide environmental well-being and benefit the participants from an economic point of view. It should also be that we understand that the space for society to obtain economic returns should also be given attention in order to produce environmental well-being.

We also understand that five types of spice plants such as cloves, nutmeg, and guts in this effort, are to grow spice trees that can survive and grow fresh beyond over two generations.

In the life of reality, appreciating and understanding something should be accompanied by something that can be achieved both in real and concretely. It should be touchable and enjoyed. If we want a green environment, we should plant a tree that is able to survive and adapt for a long and appropriate period of time. It is not appropriate if we consider when we grow vegetables that live in a 100-day cycle as a contributor to the green environment. The reality is that we need vegetables for food sources and survival. Only when we use too many chemicals, such as insecticides, chemical fertilizers, greenhouses, and various plant methods that pose a threat of excess chemical waste does it in any given decade end in disaster to life itself.

We must be honest the millions of hectares of oil palm crops that we are implementing now have a lot of environmental impacts such as deforestation, open burning, and the use of chemical fertilizers, and herbicides.

However, there is no strength for us to put a way forward against oil palm cultivation efforts to overcome environmental pollution efforts, forest dispensaries also have adverse effects on the soil surface.

Because there is no longer a source of waiting for the consumer's needs for palm oil needs.

The affordability of the economic aspect, ultimately, became an unconscionable sticking point to reject the oil palm cultivation effort.

Whatever happens, oil palm cultivation provides a source of economic returns, and contributes to the cultivation of the number of trees, although we directly know how the adverse effects of the various aspects of the oil palm cultivation efforts are on the well-being of our environment.

The reality is that we will not be able to refuse the need for oil palm cultivation. But it would be better if we were able to implement an effort that would rival the palm's ability in terms of long-term economic returns (the spice tree of choice can grow for more than two generations). The best thing is to create awareness in the community to balance the area of oil palm production with a new venture that is convincing and easier in terms of crop management and revenue and market demand compared to oil palm production.

Palm oil is a necessity for consumers who do not yet have a source of storage. Our society has not been able enough to replace the use of palm oil with sunflower oil, corn, and peanut oil.

Therefore the most important thing in this program is to take decisions real and logical. How we take appropriate ideas that are not angled becomes an obstacle to the needs of other sectors from the economic aspect. We should take this principle of tolerance on the basis, this effort needs to be started and worked on at a certain point that is still at the beginner level. This program will be managed, developed, and continued to guide the community of farmers and households.

This program does not allow its implementation in the form of a farm because the program takes an awareness stance to increase the income of the household from the aspect of the ability to own a limited space with a limited number of 20 trees and not 100 trees per household. The program regulates this concept on the basis of the need for early-stage development with everything that is simple and affordable in terms of capital to implement.

It is also hoped that this program can be implemented evenly according to the suitability of the area, and can be benefited all household communities and farmers in an effort to increase income and help push towards creating a fresh and clean environment.

This principle is also implemented so that there is no expansionist attitude by emphasizing the concept of an economy that values excessive profits and winning only those who can afford it. This if not controlled will end to what happens to the effort to emphasize the importance of product volume, without thinking about the value of well-being and the responsibility of humanity and the worsening environment.

The principle of this is also hoped to make room for the effort to grow spices wherever it is deemed suitable without making the volume of the crop a barrier. They can only plant 1 tree or 10 trees, with minimal cost, fertilizing, and easy care with very guaranteed and convincing revenue management.

We want the whole community to join it with confidence, and to be able to track the benefits easily and clearly. We want the community to be able to easily and clearly assess the direction and responsibilities that can be certified from this preferred spice tree planting program.

The spice sapling, known and clearly of its type, is easy to manage and care for, confident in consumer acceptance, demand, and a market that can be held accountable, less competitive, the result of manageable and conscious products, and is resistant to being stored for a long time.

The best result is to return part of the landscape of the soil surface and a specific area to its natural form, with a clean, green, fresh, and prosperous environment. It's a place where we generate the clean air space we need no matter what point of view we are on this earth which is a godsend to all.

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