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As we discuss socio-economic issues in a system of government and administration, we will get a variety of ideas that focus on the hopes and dreams that should be obtained. This is a guideline and a basis that needs to be accepted and practiced fairly by the trustees.

However, it suits our status as leaders, administrators, idea discoverers, planners, and rulers to give the word break collectively is not always all perfect.

Therefore the effort to improve, find ideas, continue to plan, and think is a responsibility that will come never breaks at one point in the decision.

The important thing is finding something better and more relevant will remain a priority because knowledge and opportunities will always be there for those who strive, and new resources will always be around us, if we are right in our quest, to evaluate, and research


In the fact of that economic value, the reality of something true on the value of the return, true to the need, fits on volume and quality, which is fast and easy, less on the element of pressure, has a unique identity and the difference is a priceless value. Because all the stomachs need to be filled every day, households won't be able to afford to wait for tomorrow to survive. Therefore what is of immediate value, fast, and easy is the best option in the management of facts and economic data.

However, let's not take hasty and overly objective decisions in setting the rules so that we ignore the more relevant priorities, for a certain period of time that is more beneficial that can last a long time, be more helpful, and can grow to the various sectors of choice in socio-economic well-being.

We must be wise in shaping the grouping of subjects in short-term, and long-term agricultural sector implementation programs, and development subjects, finding new resources and introducing long-term resources expected to have a certain impact in the effort to enhance future agricultural efforts. We're not going to rule out any effort toward improving those points.

For this proposal, we just want to come up with an idea that is well thought to be taken into account, not on a group basis or just worth a small view of a small, undervalued idea.

This makes it seem that the responsibility of a colony of society is to be trusted by a poor ant who is limping.

The effect becomes so 'weird' when it comes to humanitarian affairs, and the expected environmental well-being deserves to be a fringe group affair.

The perception of rejection, fireplace, and waiver to mean a more equitable meaning is needed in order to realize this effort. A more serious and thoughtful discussion of appropriate knowledge is necessary. A more open assessment of the bold and true should be developed in a more open presentation forum.

'Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest' is an effort to restore farmers' rights according to their background and needs, towards balancing the well-being of the green, clean and healthy environment in the long term and is ideal.

It should be understood that we are working on this idea at a lesser status, at the level of desire to form a structure that includes all the appropriate possessions. At that status, there is still a lot of support and encouragement, and there is still a lot of space for knowledge to be explored and understood in a more orderly and true manner.

Twenty years of experience may still be small on the basis of theoretical science and practice, but we can still make the basis for forming a strong site and a suitable policy.

Something more important there is a realization of true conscience, a willingness to see something in an imagination that is more capable of meaning all boundless and borderless, seeing Life and Well-being that is capable of sharing on all the foundations of Life on the surface, on the ground, on water, on the Air where all of us and beings breathe, share the grace. It is this awareness of true conscience that we must dare to endure and stand as the foundation of life, and a more meaningful life, for us, for him, and foremost for them, inheritance and generation.

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