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Well-being life and environment balance.

Green is a color that brings a fresh, comfortable, clean, and soothing feeling. Green also brings the freshness of the gaze to healthy eyes. Green gives us the space to suck up oxygen to fill the lungs to survive with the permission of the Most Possessed and the Most Powerful to regulate nature and life perfectly.

In the realization of how close the relationship between green and greenery is in our lives and all our lives should strive to defend this award.

On this awareness, the GREEN-BASED INTELLIGENT SPICES FOREST (GBISF) program was chosen as a program that is deemed appropriate to help interdependence of the need to survive while not rejecting the need for socio-economic activities of life that surround it.

We will not be able to deny that this life is costly. This GBISF program was chosen to be able to adapt to the needs of the life cycle, capable of balancing the needs of all the needs touched by it.

The GBISF program can respect wildlife, can build a pulmonary space for the needs of life, can provide economic returns, can provide education and awareness space to the community, and can invite the community to learn the importance of green space, fresh clean for the whole human life without borders.

We know the world's population is growing, and a lot of space is needed to place human needs.

We should be quick to organize and provide a balanced and wise space to ensure complete orderly survival over some time as well as the development of technology in various ways to continue the balance of life that we need for future generations.

We're not determined to be born to take the burden. We are born to receive awards and responsibilities. We are born in a selective space that is given an important role to realize how much responsibility we have to understand and we return to balance the needs of all life and life. It is a great responsibility, it has its value and is appreciated.

We must understand that we are not alone in taking on this responsibility. Our brothers and sisters will support and help us no matter where they are for this responsibility.

The most important thing is to implement, maintain, create continuous awareness and maintain an understanding of the high value of trust.

From that understanding, we take the best consideration, that the awareness of implementing this program is only due to the efforts of materialistic interests only, still, it is an awareness of the awards and trust to maintain the balance of life and life between us and the other lives that are entitled to it.

Remember we need clean water, which flows from a clean space, through a fresh green atmosphere, away from all pollution. The water that flows into the sea will undergo a process of overflowing and spread throughout the space to fall into favor for life without limits.

Therefore, the GBISF Programme is a program that is not only for socio-economic gain but also an interest in balancing life without limits.

What we should understand and know is that spice trees, such as cloves, nutmeg, and candlenut, can thrive for more than a generation, as long as it has a clean and fresh environment not contaminated. Its strong roots can perfectly strengthen the soil surface, flood insulation, and rain absorption.

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