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Green Based Intelligent Spices Program. ( GBISF).

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

This endeavor requires a basic understanding of agriculture or the cultivation of spice trees of choice varieties such as cloves, nutmeg, candlenut, and star anise. This type of woody spice is an option in this program to suit the needs of stable demand, easy management as well as green eco -friendly with a fresh, green, and clean environment. Certainly many different views of opinions and doubts, supporting factors, as well as rejecting. But the truth is, this spice has a demand without borders. There is no concept of monopoly in this program. Anyone who thinks moderately and more is entitled to participate. GBISF provides backup, guidance, contract farming/buyback results, markets, and all matters related to the program. All aspects of the requirements for the success of the program are provided in an orderly, simple, with clear direction. A technologically evenly distributed management system will facilitate all without time limits and boundaries. This program is able to increase HOUSEHOLD INCOME with minimal capital. Stay with generations and heritage with sensitivity to the well-being of our environment without limits.

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