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20 years Spices Commercial Development and Spices Agriculture.

Experience and direct contact with selected, and appropriate situations and questions are the basis of knowledge mastery.  Discipline and self-esteem lack and high awareness and honesty, by constantly scrutinizing and evaluating fairly in obtaining the validity of knowledge needed and should be mastered to be the basis of strengthening standards to ensure the truth and needs of the field of knowledge to be mastered and able to spread benefits.  From the most basic consciousness, knowledge is taken, digested, thought, analyzed, refined, and evaluated from all aspects so that it is truly valuable in its status and needs.  Based on this acquisition and understanding, the knowledge gained continues to be generated, enhanced, and adapted to the various backgrounds that surround it.  Based on the principle of less it will always open space to continue to be improved, added, and disseminated and then placed in the appropriate space to receive criticism, comparisons, and whatever proposals are appropriate and honest to be able to benefit.  Therefore the study of this program is not by the best means but more of an effort to find good things for the well-being of life and life without time limits and space boundaries, based on the rights of all that is in this life as well as, objects and space that exist as gifts.

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