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Development of a system that eases the workload and mind in the GBISF Program.

The development of a management system is one of the important factors in the implementation of programs to benefit the well-being of the environment.

A well-organized system will benefit easily, be appreciated, and be able to reduce the burden of management in various life systems.

The social burden will decrease, and the environment will become more hospitable and feel valued.

'The term takes it and pays it'd Take it according to your choice and pay according to the instructions given indirectly will have a big impact on the attitude of the community to think more clearly about the choice. It will help the counter payment system and give more space to buyers and consumers.

The most important thing in implementation is to organize all the requirements to ensure that the system runs perfectly so that nothing happens to the detriment and ends with the load.

Clarity, quality, honesty, and understanding are essential in the application of this system.

For example, when we have honestly carried out the responsibility to pay for the goods or services provided, we have been guaranteed to get a return of satisfaction as the recipient of the service and the form of goods we want to obtain.

A well-organized system in this implementation, time-appropriate will give moral upbringing value to society. Gradually an environment that understands and can accept the application of the values of the system makes it an informed and valued culture.

The Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest (GBISF) program is keen to inculcate a 'trust' system in its implementation.

The program wants to develop this system to make this effort easy to implement and reduce the burden of 'prejudiced' thoughts between the program and the participants or to all parties involved.

The program wants to create a culture in that 'participants are valued without limits and boundaries. The program wants to convince the participants when they have been responsible for implementing something required by the program, they will be ensured to receive well-being benefits from their efforts and responsibilities.

The spice trees they buy will be guided as best they can from the stages of planting, care, yield collection, and return as well as benefits to the well-being of the environment. Without developing environmental boundaries as long as they have been properly certified to participate in this program they will be assured that they will receive the benefits and are highly valued either for the well-being of their family or the well-being of their environment.

They will always understand and know with confidence and truth that they have been in an environment where they want to contribute well to their family, their community, and their environment.

Developing a system to develop a culture is not as simple as developing a theory. This effort must be developed with the hard work, knowledge, and support of all parties who are not directly involved.

Thoughts and discoveries should be developed directly, and the suitability of the program should be constantly renewed and improved and improved.

Feedback from every relevant space should be well maintained and controlled because everything produced with such good quality values is beneficial. Should also be appreciated and respected for the rights of every opinion and view.

There is no need to be anxious about receiving a reprimand even if it comes from a 'street man' because sometimes we are not sure which one is better than what we think is best.

We have to admit, every one of those in the field is more vulnerable to all the questions of us sitting and thinking behind the wall.

Must be enough supply of material and science. Should be enough conscience of consciousness and confidence. There must be enough sense of responsibility and value of well-being together in an environment without limits. It should be that we are happy and happy to see the environment of our environment, as well as wherever life is, that without us knowing they have benefited from our efforts because we know these efforts do not place boundaries for the user and its usefulness.

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