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An Understanding of the 'Method' that must be Gained.

The dream of making something so useful, come true is not as simple as turning the palm of a hand. In accordance with the meaning of the ' dream ' itself that is born from the form of images of thoughts and ideas formed from the method of thinking and the interpretation of something, which can only be touched with taste, without the existence of reality is not something that is easy. It's like where we form a thin mist that's so light, and easily disappears into an object that can be seen, touched, solidly shaped, and that's not easy. It becomes more challenging, when we want to portray, to others, what we want to convey to them, from the form of dreams that are still firmly attached to our imagination.

The question is, the dream often stands as a struggle that forms a variety of criteria and directions to be aimed at and achieved. Thus the crossroads of the form of acceptance, and understanding, fall up in the steps of effort, clashes, and obstacles, the existence of various prejudices whether bad or good, rejection and failure into a list that is written real or unformed embracing the entire dream space, mingling into a solid and inseparable knot that belongs to us and them.

As great as we are, and whoever we are, we're just human beings who want to have a status of being extraordinary with all the abilities we have. But the reality is, we're still human. In a conscious sense, there are still many shortcomings, there are still many clashes, there are still many unexpected things that we will encounter when we want or are carrying out our dreams. The only good thing about all that dream is, we're going to have to keep going, keep working, keep reinforcing the foundations of our stances and mental principles to see the success we want.

The power to keep going to the point is the power that comes from belief. As a person trying to build a 'dream' that has rounded build the basis of decisions. In fact, we have already done everything in our need to carry out our responsibility for our dreams. We've been trying to feel, judge, take notes, from any real experience, or behind it. The most important thing is the record based on space-time and the record of the journey that has been traveled and seen the results. All this complete list of entries will be evidence and reference to be aware of any possible obstacles in the implementation space.

The post certainly covers everything related to the method of achieving a dream. The account must be related to the background of the Main Issue, the Person or society involved who has an important source of reference to the related matter. The background, background of the situation, culture, environmental mindset, environment, and anything else that can be the resources that we need to list in the implementation effort, such as if we want to implement the 'agriculture' program-related things are the geographical areas of the area, weather, human, cultural, way of thinking, the executor energy, the market, the unexpected problems, which may exist, the price, the support as well as the obstacles, government agencies, Professional energy, management, finance and loss, and the most important thing is something that is hidden and overlooked, from all the capabilities we have.

Therefore, if there are still conflicting opinions or views, we should be positive, give us enough time, and opportunity to sigh to respond to the issue.

Once ready enough, we take the necessary, and appropriate options because it is possible for them to speak, argue, rebuke, and do whatever they want, according to their way of thinking, but still, we have a standard of choice on certain things that we have prepared as best we can.

It should be understood that whatever changes we are going to make are an effort to improve our values without damaging the foundations we have strengthened. Nor should it be a source of 'charismatic fooling ' to the depletion of thinking, unfounded fear, the initiation of the character, and the removal of the most important resource base that we have prepared, and has been strengthened.

It should be noted that whatever form of input, it should be a good improvement of the standards that we have determined especially in terms of evaluation and results.

Remember not all those inputs we have to take without evaluation, we should be able to distinguish the form of input that is valuable or just rubbish that comes into waste. Therefore the positive principle of thinking that we mean is the acceptance of values for improvement and improving the standard of implementation.

Technology, open thinking, knowledge, and opportunity do not all make the human conscience the best status, and it is necessary. It is highly dependent on the background of the environment, the formation of the basis of conscience, the culture of life as well as the 'method' of ownership of knowledge. Because that's not all inputs fit the meaning. There are inputs in the form of personal attacks, manipulation of positions, opportunities of interest, conflicting ways of thinking without diminishing awareness of our shortcomings.

We should not immediately refuse, the thing that causes such input to existing, because it may be more personal. Not because of the main issue of implementation, and the question of the method of dreams to be created.

The most important thing in this matter is, the purpose of the dream to be realized is that it can spread for the good of all involved. Therefore should be realized not of self-interest, but as an appropriate need for all that is entitled to belong. Therefore the humanitarian status, environmental well-being, the improvement of socio-economic status, equal rights for all involved, the improvement of human well-being, the environment, health, knowledge, and the adequacy of food as well as the right of quality of consumers, should be the front line for this dream.

A high understanding, with an open digestive attitude about the method presented, is of paramount importance. We must not embrace egotism. Hurry up, and group in anticipation of principles. We can't overestimate that principle, and that way of thinking and then make it look like an idea that's hard to recognize principles, and methods. We must provide clear, authoritative, and responsible input. It's important, that it's clear in quality status, and to have a niche and accountable brand. If we are able to declare such principles, patterns of thought, and culture of thinking, indirectly, it will have a positive effect that increases, develops, and is appreciated by all parties without the limits of living space and life.

The dream to be developed is truly capable of occupying the required value standards, with high turnover rates, long-term, and growing all sectors that should be involved. The benefits are truly enjoyed, and valued without limits the boundaries of space and time.

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