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How Our Chosen Program is Beneficial to all.

The spice of choice in the implementation option of the Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest program, is among the main preferred spice trees of "five Spices", nutmeg, cinnamon, candlenut, star anise, cardamom Indonesia.

This spice tree has a flat average life span of over 60 years. Based on the information, there are nutmeg and clove spice trees planted in Indonesia, growing since colonial Dutch times.

Based on this fact, the spice tree, which grows and is well-maintained, can provide a return not only for the production of spices but also for the well-being of the environment.

This fact is also able to provide support to make the spice tree that thrives following its environment as a source of tourism activities. We know that the spices that are needed by the world's consumers only grow in the equatorial area. With good treatment, an attractive green environment, spices, and activities that surround it can attract foreign tourists. They can get acquainted directly with activities related to spices, about the collection of yields, food, and various yields from spice products. As a well-known source of nutrition as well as in terms of aroma and health, spice cultivation activities and its cycle will continue to grow in the R&D and Education fields. Spices will continue to side by side with the unavoidable human life. A spice tree growing suburban in a highland environment will be able to help the water flow cycle naturally. It can help control the flow and absorption of water. Its strong roots can guard the cliffs and slopes of the hills. Spice trees can also help restore deforested areas. A spice tree plant that has a lush, green, and clean character will help the lungs of the world's lungs stay at will and the need for universal life and life. The small big question of the effort does not matter, which is important how we understand it with full awareness and start it from a small point that will spread benefits to our entire generation and heritage without time limits and boundaries of life. We should start this point with a clear touch of mindset and be prepared to face whatever the handicap is because this is part of the best option for us that we should be able to afford.

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