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Realiti Direction.

You produce us buying every kilo of it.

1. What is produced for each clove tree?

For cloves, nutmeg, candlenuts, star Annies,

cardamom and cinnamon - ( seed ) can be purchased between prices

( RM. 1.00 - 2.00 ).

2. For seedlings it can be sold between prices -

( RM. 50.00 - 70.00 - 90.00 ). At the age of 4 months - 6 months -

8 months.

Flexible price of a specific order volume.

3. The price per kilo of dried cloves.

Premium ( Gendon ) ( Zanzibar ).



Old Leaves ( dry ).

Specific Upgrade: Food flavors, Supplements

health, Household needs, Medicine, Education,


Export requirements for 20 % of world demand.

3. The nutmeg produces fruit fillings, seed nets, and nutmeg seeds.


4. For seedlings it can be sold between prices -

( RM. 50.00 - 70.00 - 90.00 ). At the age of 4 months - 6 months -

8 months.

The price can be flexible for a specific order volume.

5. The sapling will be sold to society by disclosing all the necessary information.

Information from the initial stage of planting until removing Results.

1. Purchase of Seeds

2. Nursery

3. Care of saplings up to the age of 4 months - 6

months - 8 months.

4. Planting method: Site preparation, Care methods

saplings, disease control, fertilizing.

5. Relationship between Program Providers and Tree Growers


Program Providers will provide facilities

Information. All information will be provided in the form

system easily access through one-way or double contact

directions as needed. ( by joining the system

membership of the program provided ).

In accordance with the desire to increase the income of the content

homes with low-income earners and

secondary as the target group of fees as well as

the financing to be charged is arranged so as not to

incriminating users.

The program will also ensure, the buyback system

all the products from the cultivated spices.

The program will provide a centralized purchasing system.

The price given to the grower will also be

adapted to the market price. Programs will make sure no spice growers are harmed.

The program will also ensure growers always take care

quality of yield. The quality of results can be guaranteed by awareness

take care of the quality of growth of cultivated spice trees.

Therefore the relationship with the program provider should be

maintained exists.

This effort will be successful if all parties from all agencies

It's about understanding openly and honestly.

The main points of the program are developed.

The Programme Provider will also ensure that it is always

improving the system, improving management efforts, and

add and expand all available requirements.

We understand that the primary and appropriate space requirements

Planted in our area this is for the needs of the consumer

without limits. Logically there is no monopoly element or

to deny the right of the spice grower from which

also, a country, because we know the percentage can grow spices

this represents only a few percent of the earth's surface.

The most important of these efforts is to always

improve quality.

If only we could plant a whole of

the breadth we can afford, we're just donating

a few percent of the world's population needs

keep rising.

This program understands the challenges and will occur all the challenges and

obstacles, the most important thing is the unity of understanding and

There is always an effort to face all challenges.

There's always an effort to improve and be sensitive to

an environment of knowledge, technology, market requirements,

socio-economic development, also awareness

The well-being of life and the environment.

Program providers also understand the need

the efforts of this program to contribute to social services,

related to Well-being of life and Well-being

Green environment for humans without limits.

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