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Teaching Reflection

We must be aware of everything that happens, moving and evolving around us, in our lives, in what is constantly enveloping every living space and life between us.

Our willingness to listen, examine, understand, adapt, communicate, and commit to it is vital - to have the right value and consideration to be the right of procurement for each of us.

Thus each of the spaces and fields has the status of a structure that develops according to preferences and consciousness. It will be well structured or idle developing in a controlled direction. From the various fields that are divided and divided into various divisions, each has a great responsibility to ensure that it achieves a reasonable and compulsory procurement status point obtained by various true methods.

The same goes for agriculture which plays an important role in creating well-being in the conscience, intellect, and physical areas.

Therefore, the implementation of this field should be accompanied by unlimited hard work by the resource force that has been mandated by administrators and managers.

Our sensitivity to the things that are constantly evolving around us will give us input on the feedback that comes in and develops.

Based on the information we will draw up actions and options. As a simple example – when we look at the needs, interests, issues that need to be resolved, procurement, and affordability in agricultural policy issues. When we make a choice, the choice has to be as needed. The right choice and it must achieve the status of a true turnover. If we choose a type of crop to gain confidence and true returns to consumers it should be able to prove appropriate data and facts.

When Green-Based Intelligent Spices Forest became an option - it didn't come from a sense of acknowledgment, and a smirk. It comes a lot from the appropriate reflection of judgment, the choices that are seen as appropriate based on the data, and the facts that continue to evolve around us, within ourselves, and in our lives.

We know that spices are an important ingredient in our daily lives. Spice is an important material for perfecting our aroma and sense of willpower.

Spice becomes a much-needed agricultural product in the food, a food that can thrive on our household needs and well-being. The cultivation of Spices proposed by the 'Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest also has a beneficial effect on our worsening living environment due to the lack of more effective planning, human attitude choices, and humanity in making the best choices for life.

To make our country the world's leading producer of spices, the possibilities are very small. However, in this effort and awareness, the most important thing is to find the best way to balance the economic needs of the family for the small farmers.

We also know that the need for the use of this spice will continue to grow in line with the increasing population of the world and its needs.

The focus of the choice of purpose green based intelligent spices forest program that is eager to reduce the desire to create the economic well-being of the household as well as the environment involved with the effort. One has only to build a structure of expectations that correspond to the physical form of the geographical background of our country. The main purpose is to fill the idle space and suit the spice plants in the occasional production of preferred commodities sourced from agricultural activities.

We also want to create awareness that all parties can carry out this effort, as we know that this plant is only suitable for growing on land that is on the equator line. In this understanding effort, we hope that all parties, especially farmers and the world's population, will benefit from a green, fresh and clean environment.

This quote is not made based on a particular interest in one group of society. The most important thing is to grow awareness, existing opportunities, and good morale from the efforts we undertake. We must understand that each of us farmers, communities, and countries have been able to work on products according to the geographical background of our respective regions.

Therefore, the consideration of this effort is on the awareness to share space to meet the boundless needs of the boundaries of universal human life. The results we need each of us, even from different spaces of socio-cultural life, to be able to enjoy together every outcome that each of us strives for.

Expansion and research for various outcomes to enjoy the well-being of life will be able to share, such as in medicine and health.

Based on the awareness and learning that we can gain and develop the result is for the well-being of living together.

It's not appropriate for us to take the value of prejudice in this endeavor. This effort must be viewed with common sense and wisdom. There is no intention of dominating or taking chances.

Recognizing this Green Based Intelligent Spices Forest program hope that this effort can be achieved in the long term and grow. This effort should be seen to enable the capacity of the farmers and each of those abandoned spaces to be very useful over a certain period for awareness of the importance of heritage and generation. This effort was chosen on the awareness to form a preparation and proposed option that could balance the life needs of small farmers without burdening the cost. The effort is seen to be better in re-establishing self-reliance for the residents' households, especially farmers who have suitable areas to grow spice trees. To create all collaborative efforts and cooperate with community and family without having to import an external workforce to manage our household life. It should be seen as good to develop all community work efforts on a specific work schedule and not be burdened, on holidays, and weekends to manage some family-owned spice trees.

This awareness will develop the value of family work that can be certified, maintaining the quality of family products as the value of respect to a household of society and the country.

The realization of the value of this kind of learning, should be realized and derived from this program - as what small countries such as Sri Lanka as the best producer of the world's cinnamon products, Vietnam as the world's best producer of lawing flowers, as well as West Sumatra being the best manufacturer of the world's cassia vera. As we can achieve that status, we can see for ourselves the data and the fact that this green-based intelligent Spices Forest effort is very beneficial. for us and also for our generation as the best legacy of our consciousness.

There is no late-term in thinking and striving, which is important want us. why success in our choice of effort.

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