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When we talk about the environment, we are

talking about our environment, the environment that is vital to the well-being of our lives, and the survival of all the related and contiguous elements of life that are in dire need of such well-being.

At the beginning of that environment, it evolved according to the rules as a gift. As humans evolve to form groups of life in various parts of space, humans will indirectly develop a variety of needs tailored to the life interests of the elderly group itself. Basically, for every human being regardless of where they are, building space is a fundamental necessity.

Because man himself has been supplied with various fundamentals of reason and knowledge as well as various capabilities in the ability to perform survival. There is no denying that humans are froms a different space background with all the awards they consciously earn, excessively and partially in a state of deprivation of a lack of environment.

It is on the basis of life and the environment of this award that we should return to the principle of conscience as human beings. We are actually born on the basis of coexistence. We need a friend who ends up forming a group and living together on one great space of the earth where we live standing and going alternately.

It must be understood that there is no space between us, or around us that will be left behind to be something that we cannot take advantage of, for example from the bowels of the earth of the barren desert we get an oil supply, from the dry and shabby valley earth in Africa we get various mineral resources for the needs of our established jewelry and crowns. From the amazon valley we get a source of fresh air for us to breathe and survive, from the two poles of the earth we get a portion of the water source in various forms to fill the necessities of life and life in the bowels of the earth, surfaced and aired.

Therefore there is no separate space from the chain of networks for the necessities of our lives and lives even in the valley and which continent we are on.

With this awareness, the effort to take care of our environmental needs does not just lie in a separate and limited space of responsibility. This responsibility for our environment actually begins with each of us, at every limit of the space where we stand, as well as the size of space that is affordable to the ability to see our eyes on whatever sensory elements of what we are capable of touch and feel.

There is no surrender to this responsibility because the burden and favor are the results of the accountability of all our deeds and actions.

What is our act of accountability, when we see our environment getting tangled and unmanageable, the soil surface getting arid, and water and air pollution worsening? Some of us live in slums that only deserve to be populated by urban rat rats that evolved to survive in a space full of disease and toxicity. Ground-surface disasters are increasingly occurring where, landslides, and major floods, where. The world's weather has become volatile, resulting in extreme downpours, bloating winds, and many other crazy natural phenomena.

We must remember this, all the most part happens because of the gluttony of our own deeds and passions. This happens because of our greed that without responsibility takes away whatever we want without a conscience. We forget about the well-being of the living space that we should share together. We forget the gluttony of our passions, which are a lot of waste when we enjoy life, there are still groups and spaces that are less able to achieve what is available for their survival.

The question is where our understanding of space is together, where we put the meaning of human life togetherness at the value of humanity. Where we put our wisdom in assessing the meaning of ownership of the space awarded into belonging to the Common.

So it is time before the situation becomes more and more devastating and useless when we are finally helpless.

We start this in the space where we stand from the space around us in any form of possibility.

WE START PLANTING, CARING FOR, AND CARING FOR THE TREES WE PLANT AROUND US. We must also understand that on the basis of the needs of all, we plant trees that can benefit us, as a source of income for living like a spice tree that can live for more than 2 generations. The return is that we get a source of income. We also take care of restoring the environment even at the point of consciousness but rest assured that when the material and space have been tolerant and adapted we will have a good return in the long run and be beneficial for all. We must understand in any form of action, the result will not be as present immediately as the behavior of the magician. Everything should be worked out with a sabra, perfectly guided, evidenced by time travel, and continued with the hard work of being a historical remnant of heritage for our generation. Therefore this effort should be started from our own conscience. Starting with full awareness and understanding and a high sense of responsibility among us, it fits the space and capabilities that exist around us. Confident will come to the time that impact and outcome will lead to awareness without the space and limits of the country and culture. In time there will be an awareness to be equally responsible from every corner of the human conscience. In time there will be aware from relatives, friends, family, and groups who understand that this effort is good for us, for them, and for the life of all who sustain it.

Therefore, we do not need to be concerned about the efforts of the GREEN BASED INTELLIGENT SPICES FOREST program, from the 6 selected spices that we want to develop.

Efforts to grow the preferred spice tree capable of growing for generations, with the growth properties of which able to adapt to developing its cycle naturally, such as candlenut, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, which is green, fresh, lush, and healthy in its environment. This effort will not harm its cycle and environment.

We are confident that if continuous implementation fills every suitable space, we will be able to fill the wasted space irregularly into a green, fresh, rewarding space for living and living all.

The question of little or many forms of stunted outcomes or the effect of a very conscious return is not really our main question. Because the program we are implementing is not the treatment of a hasty act without the effort of an act of wisdom. Each of our actions is from the actions of the work preparation effort of various necessary measures and has a priority status according to a certain proportion. Results from the value of research, data collection, and the long experience and learning required to make this effort a success.

If we are honest on the principle of understanding our environment, our earth, and our lives, without the boundaries of reason, culture, humanity, and the interests of our generation, this effort will not end in vain.

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